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Kerry (skategal88) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 20:12:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Michelle Branch (take you away)

    If you want to, i can save you
    I can take you away from here
    So lonely inside,
    So busy out there,
    And all u wanted was somebody who CARES!!!

    ^^If only someone could do that for me

    Lately i've been feeling so lonely!!! I see people a lot, a ton of my friends, but the truth is i just really miss having a boyfriend! i just feel so desperate. I'm ready for n e thing, but nothing is coming my way. All i want is somebody who cares. The truth is i have someone who really does care, but i don't know why i can't accept him... he's probably sitting on his bunk bed up in the mountains at camp thinking the same thing, its so sad... maybe i don't like him because he's not popular, or maybe because he can be a freak... but he's a great talker, i can tell him almost anything and he doesn't tell n e one he just wouldn't do that!!! He knows so much about me, but i still can't like him like that. Our date was cool, just talking and stuff. But i can't picture doing n e thing with him. I can see myself doing it with other people though thats what worries me. Do i really like those boys? or am i just desperate, and they are the only ones that will... those horny lil boys? I don't know what to do! i'm about to go stir crazy, i'm so lonely!!!

    I am so selfish too, all i do is complain all the time! its crazy, i'm surprised my friends still care about me!!! if i were them i'd get so annoyed! Its me me me all the time! i hate that about myself sometimes. My life is not the center of the world... i do care i swear! i care about all of you, i just wish i could tell u that.

    Today was actually a pretty great day, i had work, met some people... got to see gary! he's SOOO hot!!! omg!!!! AND HE REMEMBERED ME!!! :-D hehe yeah i'm happy!!! still lonely but happy i hope i get to know him by the end of the summer better... i'm hoping i can do a dance class again this week, or take a walk on for skating i really feel like doing something athletic! i don't know what i'm doin tommrow, i hope its something good though

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my wonderful comment
2003-07-14 20:37 (link)
good song. i know how u feel kinda. i get so lonely cept from my friends not guys. but it has passed for now.

horny lil boys...ahahaha i love that.

chuck is not the kind of guy i can see doing anything with anyone. except maybe get married. but i am not one to give dating advice so i will keep my mouth shut. =X

feel better. and i left you a star!

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