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Souless Skater Thugster aka 'franky' (skatedragoon) wrote,
@ 2003-04-20 22:58:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:don't know why [norah jones]

    This is Dalynn, Frank's best friend, and I decided to update Frank's Blurty for him because he's been too lazy to update... so EmoPopper, I know you're excited!

    In the last week:

    +Frank decided to be in an Easter play for his friend's church and was given a non-speaking part as a criminal.
    +Frank decided to join the military, for the benefits of vocational training, education, and money
    +Frank increased his search to find a girlfriend, despite my feeble attempts at getting him to allow things to converge naturally
    +Frank jumped into my parents algae-infested pool that hasn't been cleaned since August, 3 times; twice in his boxers and once naked, while I was house-sitting my parents house. We re-installed Nudist Core and are currently recruiting new members

    I dyed his hair black for him, and all these teeny-boppers are after him, telling him how "dreamy" he is. I'm getting sick, haha. He likes my boyfriend, Isaiah, a lot. When I introduced him they were almost instant best-friends. You need to tell him to get his nipples pierced. He has the perfect set for it. We all went and saw Flogging Molly with my boyfriend and our friend, Julian, 2 weeks ago. He's addicted to them now. On the way home, my boyfriend and I were rocking Anti-Flag up front, and Frank and Julian were talking in the back, and there was one of those silences, when out of the blue, Frank says:

    Damn, we need some DMX up in here, he's hardcore

    That's been the latest joke.

    And those are the latest happenings, I believe. E-mail him at

    If you want to check out my journal, it's at


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2003-04-28 23:21 (link)
YAY!!!! :) oooo nipple piercings are yuuuuuummiE!!!! get them! :)

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2003-04-29 05:55 (link)
my uncle has his nipple pierced and he told me that their a bitch to keep clean and ive kinda tryed to avoid people try to get me to pierce mine if ya get what im tryin to say but since everyone wants me to get my nipples pierced then i guess i could consider it

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2003-04-29 11:05 (link)
well you're choice, but they're freakin HOT :)

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2003-05-01 11:54 (link)
if you go I'll go with you and we can get them done together! frankie can come too and it will be like a big, warm, loving orgy of piercings and fun! then we can go to Mecca and get some slurpage.

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2003-05-01 12:32 (link)
lol alright deal ;)

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