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Katie Mae (sjchica21) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 08:31:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Sounds of my mom getting read, and me eating my oatmeal.

    Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and a Capri Sun
    Good Morning! Well, so far this weekend has been very uneventful. Me and my sister go into it again yesterday, then she kinda snapped on me last night. But I don't care. I stayed in my room last night, and did some homework! That was the first time I EVER did homework on a Saturday night! I was a little scared. But I slept great! (I had read part of my History book before I went to bed, it put me to sleep) But anywho, today I have two games. One at 12:30 for the Holy Rosary Tourney, and then one at 7ish I think for the regular seanson game. AGAINST THE OTHER SJ TEAM! AHH! And you wanna hear some really BAD news! Katy Ausse broke her thumb and can't play today! AHH! The day when we need our best girls, she can't play! She's practically our best setter! Hell, I think she is! I told her that, and she was like "No, I'm not Katie! What about Sara, Lauren, and AMber?" So, me being the person I am, I said the truth. "Pesh! Katy, you know you're the best setter on the freaking team! The other three are good, but I think you're a wee bit better!" **No offense to you three if you read this. I just had to tell the truth. But you are all really good at setting! I think each person has their own strengths and weaknesses** Alas, (just figured out what the word meant!) my strengths change.
    Eh, I am getting real tired of typing. So, I am off. Toodles!

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