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Kill me quick... (sisterofthemoon) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 16:52:00
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    Current music:taking back sunday

    I'm forced to cry myself to sleep again
    My nights are starting to follow a trend
    First I begin with my thoughts of you
    Then the memorty of how I ended up getting screwed
    The things you said- how they'll never come true
    And this broken heart- broken by you
    When I finally drift off, I see you in my dreams
    But when I wake up things aren't what they seemed
    I see all the things that remind me of when we were together
    You words remain in my head- "Don't worry, we'll be like this forever"
    But our love, our relationship, has become very weathered
    You lied to me when you said you wanted to stay together
    I lay outside and stare at the stars
    And I remember how you promised me you'd take me that far
    But suddenly there was a huge stop sign
    And you no longer wanted to cross the line
    Things weren't good, everything was no longer fine
    I never saw this coming, you never gave me a sign
    So now I sit here and complain night after night
    It's not doing any good...but I wish that it might
    You used to be...strong words now fade away
    I wish you'd look at me and want to stay
    There's only one more thing I want to say
    I just want this horrible pain to go away


    Welcome, come in
    Abuse me again
    Throw my heart in the fire
    Put the gun to my head
    But before you pull the trigger
    Please, just hear me out
    You don't understand the things in my head
    You don't know what it's really about.


    I can't seem to ever
    Get you out of my head
    I'm so distant in yours
    I bet you wish I was dead
    Why don't I make this easier on you
    I'll cut my throat
    Open my veins
    And let the blood flow
    I'll put some away
    And save it for you
    That way you'll always have a part of me
    But never again will I bother you
    Would you cry at my funeral?
    And would you think you made a mistake?
    Would you not care at all,
    Or would your heart break?

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