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kElLy (singthesarrow) wrote,
@ 2004-07-25 00:13:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:2003 vans warped tour cd right now its rufio science fiction

    life is like woah
    hey ppl...i now know what this is so its pretty kewl now i so sad. my friends were right...i am turning that a bad thing? if so let me know...i mean i dont cry and whine all the time but i am depressed and sad and stuff...i got the emo haircut too so i can't wait to get back home and show my friends :p lol i hope they like it :p im in michigan right now visiting my grandma....its freaking cold up here lol my cuz my took me to the mall and i went to hot topic for the first time ever!!! ashley will be happy to know that :P lol well i have to say she was right...that is like the best store EVER!!! lol i saw a shirt that said dan vito for president like wow i totally freaked out! i had to have it :p lol but i got even more excited when i saw the cartman for president one :p i efing love south park...mai fav show! lol well i was feeling sad but now im happy now that i talked to my cuz roxanne! she is like the coolest! she always makes me feel better! lol i <3 her! lol ah im a bit disapointed though...various reasons yea...wooah its like 12:21 and im tired but i can't sleep...i hate my conshience and i hate all these thoughts running through my so confused about my purpose in life hahaha if that makes n e sense :p well untill next time good night all

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2004-07-28 22:58 (link)
purpose in life? ur young hon remember that, u dont have much purpose now

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