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Amber (simplepoet8) wrote,
@ 2002-11-14 01:04:00
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    HELLO WORLD! lol. I am a pretty intresting person who likes to write pretty intresting things. I am a full time student and a full time worker I have friends that are gay, and lesbian, I have a fucked up family, and stories from work expierences that would make you piss your pants. My love life hasn't been peachy either, well until recently...Everything or one I have been envolved with has broken my heart, had a small penis or was to stupid to realize what was there infront of them. I will mostly write about the man that broke my heart though, him and my current love. I usually give good advice. I think I do anyways. I LOVE TO WRITE I may leave a poem or two here and there. So if your a fan of poetry, then I would suggest reading every now and then. I don't mind sharing my life with the world, I would love to act, therefore I know that if that ever happens and I make it (laughs to self) that my whole life will be exposed to the world anyways right? So my whole life really is writing, acting, singing, dancing, and music thats all...really. Well and work...*ugh* MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS JAY AND SILENT BOB!! THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING MEN IN THE WORLD I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM BOTH AND HAVE THEIR CHILDREN..damn they both have wifes...*cries* So if anyone likes JAY AND SILENT BOB, your now my new best friend ;) I also like to be funny, as some of you will see...the comedic side is my second funniest side, my looks are first LOL jk jk Im not that ugly :) Alright well I hope some of you read this or I just wasted 30 minutes to nothing, and thats not cool. Alright That is all for now

    WTF = What the fuck oh wait thats all it means :)

    Love always,

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