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c* a* r* o* l* :] (simple_things) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 23:20:00
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    Current mood: hyper

    mmkay well i already wrote in here for today but i didnt do anythin when i wrote in here before lol so well i went to the mally w/ a bunch a peeps it was crazy like such a big mixa people lol but it was fun first we were kinda just hangin around infront of ruby tuesdays and stuff n' me and tina saw the girl jen that was at v-ball camp and we made totally asses of ourselves lol it was funny tho then we were waitin for geena to come lol her mom told me i look black lol good times hmm then we all went to rubys it was funny then we went to see tomb raider 2 NOT smart lol sooo boring except for when me and tina went to get candy lol we made friends with this guy at the register and he was callin everyone bobby lol that was funny tina that movie was mad borin tho but me and sar were laughin our asses off the entire time so that was fun lol after the movie we took a few pics and then sar took the greatest pic of all lol geena slapping dave on the back of his neck hysterical much? geez that was great lol well then that was really it nighty~

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ooh snap.
2003-07-31 10:35 (link)
me + caroline have way too much fun together. we are all cool now with our `blurty journals` ouch ouch.

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