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Paul (simiansmith) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 13:37:00
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    films & hair
    watched Death to Smoochy last night and I insist everyone watches it. Why was this film ignored? Ed Norton playing an insanely cheerful right on children's show ... thing (think Barny) whilst all the other kid's show folk are crack addict, alcholic, insane loons, is worth the price of admission alone.
    I also just found out that Bottlerocket is getting a UK dvd release which is cool, should help me wait for The Life Aquatic.
    I'm very beardy at the moment, I've no idea if I like, I mean, I do, otherwise I wouldn't have it, but it's weird, I love beards but only on other people, when I grow one I keep changing my mind. Still, I've not shaved in over 3 weeks and as I have fairly fast growing facial hair that makes me already kinda bushy. Also it's got grey in the chin which I think is kinda cool. I'm thinking about getting a trimmer, but if I don't keep the beard it's a waste of money. Oh lord when will this torment end!?
    Still, I'm going to see Daniel Kitson tonight and he has a beard, so that means something, in a sort of kismet type way.

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2004-01-19 08:32 (link)
Well, Mr Kitson was very funny, wasn't he?

And I must say that you've got someway to go before you match him in beard-length and all round bushiness.

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