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SilverThunder (silverthunder) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 17:03:00
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    Current mood: dorky

    Here I go again...
    Well, all of my "freinds" have left me to rot at home while they all bask in the sunlight. Either way, I'm stuck here...once again. Last night I was so bored that I reread my entire deadjournal. From most recently to the earliest entries. I now know what everybody meant by, "You're a fabulous writer!" I suppose I am pretty good. I seem to get the most part of my emotions out. Somehow, I force them to fit into words. You're probably thinking, "Why dont you just go outside if you're indeed so bored?" Well, truth is, I'm a loser, and I know it. I'd like to remain a loser for the most part. oOo, I gave a really bad poem to Mackie so he can post it on his new site. He's a pretty good guy. At least he listens...sometimes. Haha! I actually did write in my large notbook just the other night, so scratch what I said earlier about having stopped writing in there. I just talked to Mackie; he's gonna post it up in about an hour. I feel so special now that I'm actually gonna have some form of my work on somebody's official site. This is awesome. And I don't give a shit if nobody reads it. I'll know it's there. Hehe! Anyhoo, within the past day or so, nothing interesting has happened besides what I've written here. And none of this crap is of, I guess nothing interesting has happened...what-so-ever. Either way, I best be going.

    *Blessed be


    *Merry meet and merry part, until we merry meet again.

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