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Jizztastic, yo. (sick_joel) wrote,
@ 2003-05-10 10:27:00
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    Current mood:stupid, okay.
    Current music:Oops, Say Anything.

    I have a feeling this is going to end up being a bitchy update or something. But yeah. I need to stop getting all pissed/jealous/emo for no reason. Well, for stupid, little reasons, anyway. And it really sucks when I can't even tell people what's bothering me. I don't know, maybe all this touring is finally getting to me, but I keep getting in the worse possible moods for no reason at all, and I'm even starting to annoy myself. I need a day off. I know the rest of the band does too. I don't even know where the fuck we are now. Florida, I think. gjkdalvz. It's really getting tiring. I've gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep in the last week. I'm fucking sick of playing Lifestyles every night while 12 year old girls scream and attempt to mosh. And I'm sick of having people either run up to me screaming in my ear, asking about benji, or bashing my band. What the fuck. Who bothers to come to a show, just to find me and then are all "HURR YOU'RE SUCH POSERS, YOU'RE NOT PUNK, MTV OWNS YOU, GOOD CHARLOTTE SUCKS".. Thanks. 'Cause you know, we always go around like "Hi. We're Good Charlotte. We're so punk", so I can see where they get that from. gdajvz. It's stupid. And I'm tired of all these fucking interviews that ask the same question. "What happened with your father? Why'd he leave? What does he think about your success? Has he heard Emotionless?" Track down the bastard and ask him. I haven't talked to him since I was 16, do they really expect me to know what he thinks? And they're all "How does it feel to come from nothing with your first album, to being on a TRL sponsored tour" .... Uh. Am I the only one that's proud of our first album? They make it seem like shit 'cause it didn't sell as good. I can honestly say that I don't care how much we sell. And, I complain alot about it, but I really don't see a big deal about TRL. They helped us get our music out there, that's all that matters. The fuck, we've been doing this shit for 8 years. You really think MTV exposure is going to change us? No, k. Just no. Wtfff. I need to stop rambling. But I don't know why I'm such a bitchy mood. So. You know what else is great? How we're getting blamed for some chick who killed herself. Because she listened to The Day That I Die. And we glorify death. That's always good to hear. gjeakvavzvz.

    Okay. Time to stop my ranting. Um. MxPx are finally out here with us, hee. :x. They need journals. And so do Chris and Paul before I go insane. And New Found Glory. Ok. And wtf. We have a day off the 12th. One whole day. Of course, knowing us, we'd probably get roped into some charity thing. But what the fuck, I want to go to somewhere, k. 'Cause I haven't gotten to hang out a lot with my band lately and yeah. :\ We only have like a total of 5 days off for the rest of the tour, oops that's bullshit, sorry. And then we go overseas sometime in June too. Ew. I think I'm just going to completely move in the tourbus 'cause I don't see us going home anytime soon. To be honest, though, it doesn't bother me as much as I complain about it. I'd rather be on tour every day than stocking shelves, k.

    Wow so it's really time for me to shut up, 'cause this is the longest update I've written in a while and I really don't think it makes that much sense and I doubt anyone will read it.

    I should also stop listening to my own music, oops, because it's really sad. Why is everyone still sleeping.

    Don't say a word
    I know you feel the same
    Just give me a sign,
    Say anything, say anything

    /end crypticness

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2003-05-10 10:45 (link)
I could see you stocking shelves. With a little apron on and a name tag that says HI -insert smiley face sticker- MY NAME IS JOEL!

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2003-05-10 10:50 (link)
..AHAHA. I never had the apron, only the sticker.

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2003-05-10 10:51 (link)
WTFFFFFFFFFFFF How could you not have the apron? It completes everything.

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2003-05-10 10:57 (link)
WTFFFFFFFFFF. The apron sucks.

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2003-05-10 18:14 (link)
Hey Joel, I wanted to introduce myself!!

Anyway I kinda get what you mean when haters come up to you. Sometime people come up to me and start yelling how I am the devil or I promote him becuase of Buffy's content. So I can sort of relate!!

Also, I love your first album dont let reporters get you down!

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2003-05-10 20:57 (link)



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2003-05-10 21:02 (link)
Hey :p



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2003-05-11 18:51 (link)
Erm, hey Joel. I loved your first album, so reporters need to eat cheese ok? Anyway, I felt like saying hi. And I love you? So hi.

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2003-05-11 19:54 (link)
'Sup kid. Thanks. Yeah, reporters suck. Yo.

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2003-05-11 20:26 (link)
Hey, I'm not too much of a kid, I'm your age...*Laughs softly and looks at him*

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