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Just An Ordinary Day with Amy Leigha Michelle (sicilnbitchamy) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 01:32:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Rockell-In A Dream

    Survey Quiz Shit....I am soooo Happy
    Hi Journal,
    Hey lol I am having a pretty good day although I totally had my work schdule mixed up and instead i work Saturday and Sunday August 2nd and 3rd but anywho I am so happy Wendy decided to talk to me again and wasnt mad at me but anywho I snagged a survey from chelsea lol actually I didnt she emailed it to me except i changed the answer to fit with me lol
    What is your...
    -Name: Amy Leigha Michelle
    -Birthday: October 8th
    -Height: 5'2
    -Weight: 100-102lbs
    -Goal in life: To not be alone and a jobless scrub haha
    -Food: Italian(since im half Sicilian)
    -Drink: Sprite
    -Song: at the moment Rockell In A Dream(old but kewl)
    -Movie: Loser and American Pie 1 and 2
    -Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie
    -Singer/Band: ::coughs::Christina Aguilera
    -Sport: Soccer and Gymnastics
    -Athelete: Anna Kornikova and Mia Hamm
    All time bests
    -Commercial: Piss me off
    -Moment in your life:How the fuck should i know my life isnt over
    -Feeling:Happy and Wonderful and FREE lol ::sings::I believe I can fly
    -Fast food restaurant: Wendy's lol no pun intended
    -TV Show: Real World Hawaii lol hellz yea best season ever
    -Music Video: 50 Cent-Pimp....Mya-My love is Whoa
    -Vacation: Well this one time at band camp...haha jk nah but my favorite vacation spots would have to be either new orleans or boston i love boston and new orleans i only live like 2.5 hours away from New Orleans that place is tha bomb and its like that 24/7 without Mardi Gras
    Have you ever...
    -Been in love?: Yes.
    -Kissed someone of the opposite sex? yea...
    -Kissed someone of the same sex? yea...
    -Left the country? yes...
    -Felt safe because someone you knew was around? yea...
    -Cheated on a spouse? uhh...not really...more like played lol
    -Wanted to kill yourself? yea..= /
    -Do you believe in it? Yeah sure but not for me lol I am the unlovable
    - If yes, do you think it will come to you? Or has it already?It has come and gone lol this train dont stop there anymore
    -If yes, with who? Kelly lol long ago when I had a heart

    haha hope u enjoyed this survey brought to me by chelsea but answered by Amy this has been a Amy Happy Production lol come back and POST A DAMN MESSAGE

    Amy Leigha Michelle

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2003-07-28 02:45 (link)
nice journal

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2003-08-02 02:48 (link)
Hey girly,
I added you, so now your oficially added *hehehe*
nice layout! its real purdy!
well thats about it lolz
buh byes

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