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Without a Soul.... (eternalsnow) wrote in shutter_box,
@ 2003-11-22 19:20:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    Up 'n Running
    Yay, the community is finally up 'n running....If you don't know, this is the one and only community devoted to the anime/magna Shutter Box...

    Where do you go when you d-r-e-a-m?

    Shutter Box is a newly created series about this girl, Megan Amano, who enters another world...Eighteen year old Megan Amano goes to Merridiah University as an exchange student...But there is one catch, and Merridiah University is more then the name suggests....
    It's a school for spirits awaiting to be reincarnated, passing the time as muses...

    Since Megan is not dead, she's going to become a living huh?

    Oh, yea, Megan though that she found her soul mate while he was walking into the ocean and drowned...Could he be at Merridiah?

    Megan also meets the two brothers, Adrien Crandall and his brother, Crandall...

    Well, we, being myself and my multiple personalities...are looking for new members who just happen to be fans of this great graphic novel...

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I love Shutterbox too!
2003-12-02 11:04 (link)
Hi! so cool you put a forum for Shutterbox!!! I love this manga!
I hope we can talk lots about it, I personally think Dane is more cool than AJ! XD

~ Gabycat

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2003-12-09 06:32 (link)
That's Damien L. Crandall. "Dane" if you please.

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2003-12-29 15:44 (link)
it is indeed a great graphic novel.
so happy there are others that appreciate it's massive greatness ^_^

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2003-12-29 21:38 (link)
This one worships Shutterbox.....As you can the way, I hope to have the background up soon....

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