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Master and his slaveslut toy (sheisaslut4him) wrote in show_your_boobs,
@ 2003-05-08 20:10:00
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    more nakedness...

    Here are more pictures of my toy. Mmmmmm, she took these for me while I was asleep...she's such a good slut to wake up to. Be assured that I will reward her for taking such fabulous pics! As usual, the pics are too good to keep to myself, so here are some to enjoy for you all. Give a shout if you want to see more of her tits.

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2003-05-14 15:23 (link)
nice titties

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2003-05-15 20:15 (link)
What are you guys on.
Keep it up!!

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2003-06-21 17:04 (link)
Whatever it is---daddy like---I echo those sentiments...

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Re: Boobies!!!!!!!!
2003-06-21 23:09 (link)
very nice

<3 julia

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2003-07-31 02:46 (link)
you're a fucking WHORE.

and you aren't very good looking either.

dirty slut.


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Re: sick
2003-12-09 10:19 (link)
And you are a total dipshit.
"Show your boobs" is the name of this community- therefore, expect people who are bold, engaging, slutty, controversial, unique, and risque.

By her own admission, and the admission of her master, SlaveSlut IS a slut(not a whore, whore would imply she'd be getting paid for giving sexual favors, I have a feeling she's not involved in this for the dollars but rather for the fun and excitement) and it's her damn perogative to be one.

Why you are even here and commenting is beyond me, you obviously are a tight-cunted prude. What right have you to tell anyone else if they are good looking, and since when does YOUR determination of goodlooking mean a damn thing to the rest of the world. The only thing we all know for sure is that you and your type are a true annoyance.

So why don't you do all of us a favor and set up your internet settings so that you can be sheilded from all the evils of perversion out there on the web. Don't go looking for trouble by searching communities, groups, and websites that will offend your morality or your judgemental eyes.

Next time you 'accidentally' stumble upon a place like this, or a post of similar nature, don't respond, no one wants to hear your crap. Just go away.


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2003-08-16 14:56 (link)
can you say SAGGY.

if i wanted to see boobs like that i'd ask some really old chick.

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Nice Boobs
2003-08-18 14:57 (link)
Those are not Saggy.....they are just large and that is what happens when you have large boobs! Must not see large boobs that often huh??? Only small ones(*) (*) hehehehehe mosquito bites!!!!!

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2003-12-09 10:22 (link)
Actually they have incredible lift for their size, yes they have a "fold" but thats generally what happens as girls come into full maturity. If you want completely sagless boobs stick to toothpicks, twigs, and the airbrushed and surgically altered.

~Violent Indigo

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