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Danielle (shotsinthedark) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 01:09:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:soad

    if anyone cares about me and what's going on in my life (for those who i haven't seen in a while) on...

    i've been working nearly 12 hours each day. i work on weekends and i haven't gotten one whole day off in the past two weeks. believe me, i love working at londoner, but victorias can be jammed inside a stick of dynamite for all i care...LIGHT A MATCH! i'm quitting very soon. possibly tomorrow. b/c i'm going to work at londoner for 9 hours each day. i love them. they don't stress me out when i walk through the front door.

    on a happier note, i quit smoking. i haven't smoked since a week and a half ago. i'm not saying i'm giving it up entirely, b/c i'm sure when school starts up i may pick a cigarette up once or twice, here and there. as for now, i'm just too busy to even take a 5 minute smoking break. i feel great tho. it's great to know i'm not wasting money on crap like that. speaking of...

    i'm paying bills now, and i'm not saying i may be paying bills...i wrote my first check today towards bills. my car payment is paid. tomorrow i have to pay my cell bill. ten days after that i pay insurance and everything else...

    right now it's stressful, b/c i'm spending over $300 on presents for 6 people. and tiny presents here and there for others. but once the holidays go away, i'll be fine. i think i may need to go on zoloft...just for anxiety moments...not for depression or anything, b/c i'm happy.

    at the moment i have people in my life i love being around. it saddens me that i haven't seen a lot of people b/c i've been busy with everything, but i will...on weekends. hah. i've been hanging out with sarah a lot. i spent the night at her house after rich, wayne, his friend, sarah and i had fun in the produce section. :) minus the fact that her room was 300 was a good night. i love hanging out with rich. when i get a chance to hang out with him, it makes my day a bit better then it was. kelley is busy with softball and school, so i hardly see her, but when i do, its always fun. lauren works and has she's kind of in the same boat, b/c we both are extremely busy. i'll get to see her more then once a week (if that) when winter quarter begins b/c we'll go to school together at 7:30am! woooooohooooo. bright and early. jenessa has a class with me, once a week...but at least i'll get to spend 50 minutes with her. i haven't seen her in a week? two weeks? i wish i had the time, but priorites and stuff have just been more important then attempting to have any sort of life. it's good to just have responsibilities.

    right THIS EXACTY MOMENT...2am...i'm extremely content. :)

    thanks to EVERYONE that is around me and helping me through the rough times. i really appreciate each and every one of you!


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2003-12-17 07:30 (link)
Hey, way to go on quitting/cutting back on smoking!

Seeing you makes me happy like this ---> =)

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2003-12-23 06:43 (link)
hah. i've smoked 3 times since that last post. but ONLY 3. so that's a start!

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2003-12-17 22:54 (link)
Glad to hear that you quit smoking for awhile. I'm thinking about doing the same. Damn you're so busy I feel guilty cuz i dont have a job or do anything lol. Zoloft totally cured my anxiety so it might work for you. well i miss you and hopefully i'll see you over winter break, that's if you hit me up. ttyl -Heather

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Re: hey
2003-12-23 06:41 (link)
i <3 you.
call ME! i'm at work. 10 to 7. leave me a message and when i'm off of work i'll call you!
we neeeeed to talk more!

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2003-12-19 12:54 (link)
hey... where'd you go to get your car windows tinted?? *ashley*

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2003-12-23 06:42 (link)
i have NO idea.
ford sent me to them.
so i can call and find out if you'd like!

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2003-12-23 06:09 (link)
DANIEELLLE!!!!!!! Im so proud of your that you cut back on your smoking habits! Keep it up!! I know you can uit entirely. Im so happy that your happy. And im glad your happy at this point in your life and everything seems too look steady. GOOD FOR YOU! Well Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! BYE!

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2003-12-23 06:43 (link)
<3 i wish you were happy.
we need to see eachother more! :/

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