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Danielle (shotsinthedark) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 00:59:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:<3rammstein

    i have been extremely busy. i have two jobs. i'm going to be taking two to three classes at deanza and i'm also going to attempt to have a life while juggling everything. i have been sick the past two days. throughout these past few days, i've hung out with lauren, sarah, jenessa, vera, kell-ay, rich, sally, shawn, and a few others. i don't know what i've been doing. but whoever ive hung out with knows what's been going on.

    last night was fun...i went to laurens salons xmas party. met everyone there. chocolate fountain. champagne. hookers on the corner 'found some girls to come out with us' ewwww, dirty old men!!!! mashed potato margaritas. pink margaritas. haha. after the party lauren and i went to starbucks, saw vera and sally. sarah and kelley came. we all went to pruneyard. then tower. rich came. we all went to carrows. kelley=milkshake song QUEEN!!!! hahahahahhahaha. lauren interupted everyone... lauren and i saw a few car accidents. BAAAAD ONES. and stuff. i went home. went to bed. got up this morning. went to work. wanted to cry b/c my feet hurt SOOOOOO BAD. came home...slept till 9. now i'm watching tila on tv...weiiiiiird. well...picture time...


    saQrah and lo-ren


    me, lo-ren and nicole

    i <3 this picture of lauren for some reason!!!

    patrick 'the rock' and saQrah

    sarah and lauren

    'smoking hookers on a corner'

    my schedule starting tomorrow:

    monday: 10-3 londoner, 7:30-11:30 victorias secret
    tuesday: 10-7 londoner
    wednesday: 10-3 londoner, 7:30-11:30 victorias secret
    thursday: 10-3 londoner, 3:30-7:30 victorias secret
    friday: 10-3 londoner, 3:30-11 victorias secret
    saturday: 2:30-10:30 victorias secret

    are you JEALOUS?! are you!? i get to die by sunday!!!!! wooooohoooooo.
    friday i register for classes at deanza (english and algebra). tomorrow i have to go talk to the counselor.
    i just got a headache thinking about it all. night.

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2003-12-08 04:48 (link)
Nice photos Danielle! Do you know if Lauren added that quote on the headstone on her AOL Away message? That was sooo funny..."WOAH!! GREAT away message!!!"

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2003-12-08 05:06 (link)
we both had it as our away message for a day or something.

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2003-12-08 04:50 (link)
i am in love with my job. thank you so much for coming with me.
and seriously..IF I GO TO WORK ON TUESDAY, AND FUCKING BRIAN HASNT GOTTEN ONE OF THOSE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS..I QUIT! that was like, heaven. thats what every girl needs. for real!

i cant believe they all still call me cunt. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE.
i guess thats what happens when you put a bunch of snotty los gatos rich fucks in a room and give them alchohol..
they get faded as fuck and start rambling about nonsense.
fucking great if you ask me.

minus the raw pig.
and Nicco.
poor nicole.
i love her too.
fucking annette..
and sam..
but lilliana and barbie..gotta love them. and FRANK! hahahaha. mashed potatos in margarita glasses.

:) lets not forget the 389274892 puddles we stepped in.

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2003-12-08 05:11 (link)
'hey the cunt is leaving'
'now it'll be a sausage fest'


i <3 nicole. she was so nice. she was the elf from santa clause!!!!
old men are gross...they need to understand that when they hit a certain age...girls that are 18 don't want them anymore!!!!! omg.
frank was funny. 'whats your name? who're brown's a margarita' hahahah.
it was soooooooooo fun. thanks for inviting me to come along!

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