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Danielle (shotsinthedark) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 01:26:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:outkast 'hey ya' CLAP CLAP CLAP

    so much.
    tonight was, by far, the funnest night.
    first lauren and i met up with jenessa, salmen and vera at starbucks (oh yea ryan and arley were there too). whitney, stephanie and kara showed up. i saw peter (coughcdstealercough). after a while of being there, and after shawn showed up...kelley and sarah came, so lauren and i left with them. the four of us went to the cemetary and stood at the gate. we walked in maybe 10 feet and kelley 'saw a shadow' so sarah did her best phoebe running impression, dropped her chai and bolted to the front entrance of the graveyard. i did a quick turn and tripped on the curb and nearly fell head first onto a headstone. the rest of us ran to the front...and remained there. lauren...uh...MOVING ON...;) ladeedaw. so yea, we sat at the front entrance and took pictures of bugs, and stuuuuuuuuff. after being pulled over, mike showed up and then the five of us went in. we walked all the way to the back and layed on graves and kelley is officially JESUS. we all walked around for a while then went to the front where we ran into maryann and her friends. maryann, mike, mike, uh, uh and i went in again and walked around. after being 'privately called' 10 times...(hm, who could that have been!? -scratches head-) we exited and then kelley, sarah, lauren and i left to go to starbucks. we blasted everything from outkast to nsync...and threw in a little spice girls just for kicks. ooooh it was fuuuun! i picked up my car and we all ventured over to the pruneyard. after sarah...uh...MOVING ON. yeaaa...kelley left after we all saw gina and her friend and their friends and uh them!? hah. the three of us hung around and then met up with patrick (the rock) across the street at wienershclakjdsoiauer. whatever its called. lauren is officially a clutz (knocking over her 7-up and spilling her fries everywhere...hmmmm...). after a while of sitting around, lauren and i headed back to her house.

    i get home and i get lectured (for the second time tonight). i need a job. i just need one. maybe two? okay, i have a job already, but apparently thats not GOOD ENOUGH for my mother. so i must find multiple jobs, so i don't have a life and i just work all day. lovely! looking forward to it -thumbs up- so tomorrow morning i'm updating my resume and going out in search of a job. oooh joy. yea. okay.


    kelley, sarah and lauren...on a headstone (can't see it well...)

    kelley is JESUS!

    mike and sarah

    the REAL sarah :)

    other nights




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