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frankie (shortshit5) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 22:00:00
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    look! i made a icon! thanks Bonnie! you inspired me. lol. well i half to make one for my sister. i want to break up with jeff. dont know how. give me idea's on how to dump a suicidal, over attached(couldnt think of word) boyfriend. hmm. do it on thursday so i wont have to deal with him during school.i dont know. show on friday. oh gosh im so extreemly excited. im soo sooo happy. !! oh man. i feel like i could just pee in my pants. yay yay yay. i get to spend the day/night with beth and heather! its gonna rock jox! heather wants me to meet bill. oh boy.. i hope he feels better! i must go work on her present. (if she doesnt like it maybe beth will.. or vikki.. or ME!)

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2003-04-16 23:21 (link)
haha im an idiot, i spelled have like this -> half.. haha!

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2003-04-17 12:56 (link)
if hes threatened to hurt himself over you, then he doesnt really care for you in the first place. if he really cared for you then he wouldnt upset you like that. but it doesnt really matter what ashley wants does it? no. it matters what i think. i am the man in the relationship and no one willingly usually ever goes out with me. so lets threaten her. o no. better yet, lets threaten myself over her to her. so that way she'll stay with me.

thats probably what he thought just so he could pittifully keep his manhood.

if he doesnt care about you, then why should you care about him.

*cause your everyhting to someone else.*

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