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BadAzzRA (shogunofharlem) wrote,
@ 2004-02-04 23:47:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:Violin Concerto No 3 K216 Brahms

    Why I am going to fail freshman composition
    Assignment -
    Describe an object in your room, using show words. Make sure the readers sense of taste, smell, sight, sound and touch is stimulated by your description.


    Its sits beside me on my nightstand. Comfort. When I can?t sleep, and am tossing and turning, it waits to calm me down, give me peace. There is no itch that it cannot soothe, no tumultuous desire it can?t assuage. This horrid reaction of my body it will always fix, at least temporarily. My bottle of Ch?vre au Lait lotion.
    The smell oft lingers on my hands. Like sweetened milk, mixed with a hint of sweat, though generally that is my own. The bottle itself is hardly an imposing thing. It does not dwarf the magazines that also share my nightstand, and also help me pass those sleepless nights. But it stands, towering in my own thoughts, a symbol of my peace of mind. When I look at it I realize that no matter how rough my day has been, this 10 inch bottle of plastic catharsis is at home waiting for me. Its rounded top is broken only by the spout, which juts out of the bottle, and ends in a beak like apparatus. This spout pours out release and relief with every pump. It usually takes more than a few pumps though, to get enough.
    The surface of the bottle is smooth to the touch. The lotion within, has a smooth and creamy texture. It?s white, resembling cream that has been left out in the cold for just a bit too long and has begun to solidify. Seemingly nothing special really, but then, there are some who wouldn't understand.
    When it dispenses lotion, it makes a gentle slurping sound that is usually covered up by the sound of my fan. You can call that onomatopoeia, but I call it a prelude to heaven, if only for a little bit.
    The taste of the lotion is something for debate. The bottle advertises it as having a milk and honey nature, but I doubt the taste in any way gives credence to that claim. This author, though, resigned himself to his duties, and submitted and tasted. I can fully well pledge that it tastes nothing like milk and honey. It has something of a hint of sweetness, but if that?s the honey, then the milk previously mentioned must be curdled. The closest one could describe it is a bit of honey dolloped over snot that has been sitting in plastic. Remarkably, that is how I would describe the texture as well. Perhaps this is not indicative of the brand at all, but is instead the result of a factory worker just having an upsetting day.
    This bottle, this cornucopia of relaxation and self expression, is what bids me goodnight each evening before I sleep, and greets me each morning when I wake up. I have no girlfriend you see. And while in the past it and its sisters (Lubridema and Vaselina) have forced me to lie to my parents and say I was using the bathroom, I now realize that, it?s nothing to be ashamed about.
    A lot of people have dry skin.

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