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BadAzzRA (shogunofharlem) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 01:28:00
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    I am so totally livid right now.

    We were on rounds, and asked some residents to remove an offensive picture. We asked very nicely, even joking with them, saying we didnt think it was a huge deal, but it was against residence hall policy.

    The little weenie in the room started arguing with us. I was alright Mr.Pre-law, lets go. I told him he could either take it down now, or we could take it down and write him up.

    He asked for what, I told him, failure to comply with a University Official, Belligerence, Offensive material on the door. He continued arguing it was not offensive, as it showed no nudity. We again reiterated our boss lived 10 feet away, and he would have them take it down. This we were certain of, because he is rather strict and is always on us to make sure residents remove any offensive material at all. And this, was certainly offensive. We finally said we'd go get the bossman and they could argue with him.

    So we went and got the bossman and rousted him out of bed. Expecting him to back us up, we went back to the door. I knocked. This time the roommate of the earlier mentioned weenie opened it. "What the fuck guys" was his first comment.

    ooook. We again asked him to take it down. He said he didnt see why he should. Bossman told him it was inappropriate, and didnt seem a huge deal, but it indeed did need to come down. The guy said it wasn't inappropriate, and Bossman in some brilliant fucking strategy I have yet to understand, decided to agree.

    Thats right, in front of residents who already didnt feel like listening to us, he decided to take the residents side. Then the resident said "You know what guys, I have an 8 oclock class. Just deal with it" and shut the door in our faces, proving that it was indeed possible to make us look even more impotent.

    Jason, not quite finished with destroying whatever bit of respect still lingered for our position, told us to just leave the picture up, which the residents no doubt heard.

    Im not one to easily take offense, but dammit. This is his policy he's always harping on. He's had us take down far less offensive pictures then that one. I don't give a fuck if we're in the wrong, you don't contradict someone in front of their subordinates or what have you. The simple fact is, we are expected to take charge of these halls and we cant fucking do our job if the Boss contradicts what we say when we try to enforce the rules

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