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BadAzzRA (shogunofharlem) wrote,
@ 2004-01-21 04:53:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:What else? Ben Folds

    tooooooooooo tired to be remotely gonzo *sigh*
    Yeah well obviously since there were no reports of a crazed gunmen on top of a building here in Schoolsville, things went fine.

    No I wouldn't go that far, though I always believe in taking people with you if you are going to die. Probably best that my dreams of becoming an airline pilot ended at age 10.

    In other news, I need to go to bed. But first...Little Ozzy and the Loud Music

    Little Ozzy is my resident stoner. The other RA's and I gave him this nickname so that he wouldnt know we were talking about him.

    Little Ozzy is a Steve Buscemi looking kid from a tropical island somewhere I won't mention. Fast forward past all his other incidents, the one from last night is the one Im going to write about.

    5:30 in the morning. Im in bed, in the middle of a book I had bought earlier that day. All of a sudden my door starts to vibrate from bass.

    I wonder what in the hell is going on, and go outside to check things out.

    As I open my door, I hear music. Coming from 6 or 7 doors down. This would be considered loud even during normal hours. But this was 5:30 in the fucking morning.

    I kicked at his door. No answer. I kicked harder. The music turned down some. kicked even harder. It turned down all the way.

    I heard shuffling and it took at least 3 or so minutes for him to open the door. Finally he opened it a crack.

    "Dude what in the fuck are you doing playing it so loud? Its 5 in the morning"

    "Oh I thought it was 6"

    At this point my jaw just hung open as I struggled to come up with a reply to logic like that.

    Finally I just shook my head and said "Just keep it turned down"

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