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BadAzzRA (shogunofharlem) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 21:52:00
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    Current mood:sore
    Current music:Lean on me - Al Green

    Im still alive, things are just rather hectic right now.

    First off I find out I'm not going to be able to graduate in May as I had hoped. Turns out a course I had signed up for on the school's online registration thingy was mislabeled (or so I will swear before anyone who asks) and was not my required senior seminar course.

    So in effect, I've been taking an extra writing intensive senior history class for nothing. I am in a position where I can drop either my Renaissance Florence class or my Founding of American Colonies class, but I'm also held back/screwed over by a sense of duty. I hate quitting something I've started. Its not that I end up redoubling my efforts or anything noble, its just that I'm able to usually persevere without so much effort and get through about anything. Part of me is not all too sure that my success with this method so far is not the result of pity on the part of my teachers.

    But that aside, I can't drop out now. I've put too much work and too much effort into both of these classes, and I dont want to stop now, despite a 15 pager thats looming over my head as being due this Tuesday.

    That being said, I took an exam in my Florence class thursday that, while I was not unprepared for it, I am a bit worried as time ran out while I was in the middle of my second essay. I guess the only comfort I can take is that Im not nearly as wordy on paper as I am when I have a keyboard to get my thoughts out onto, so maybe the valid points were gotten across, instead of all the rhetoric and posturing which seems to make up normal writing. Time will only tell.

    That aside, just a few more updates so that I can remember when I go back and re-read this a few years from now. I was reading through my journal entries and I noticed myself talking about someone named Adam. It only just hit me now that Adam was a person in Austin that I was much enamored of this summer, though for the longest time since perusing the entry that mentioned him I didnt have the slightest idea who he was.

    I managed to get some residents arrested a few weeks ago. Not mine.

    I was walking to the office to do rounds and on 1st floor, my old floor, I was hit with the smell of pot.

    I walked to the office, got my Dedication partner, and as we were headed to 1st, we passed by Nicole, who is also on staff. Figuring an extra nose might come in handy, I enlisted her into the cause of finding out which room the smell was emanating from.

    We started off, smelling door cracks. Turns out Nicole was largely unneccessary. 1st floor was my old floor, which I wrote about to some degree. Some of my old residents still lived there, and upon asking what I was doing, pointed to the door they knew had a history of smoking pot. Loyalty is such a nice thing. It made me smile that my boys still came through for me.

    We could only catch traces of it from the door, so I went outside to check their window. The easiest collar I've ever made. It was open (of course, gotta ventilate) but the sheer stupidity of smoking on the 1st floor sort of overwhelmed me at the time.

    On other floors residents are able to smoke with some impunity if they practice a moderate degree of caution. They weather strip their doors so nothing can get out that way, and just blow it out the window. Of course the fact that every other room has box fans going, sucking air in does nothing to get the smell out of the building, but as they are on a higher floor we can do nothing to narrow it down to their specific room. As such most of our busts come as much from resident tips as luck.

    But these guys were smoking on the first floor. I stopped outside of their window, smelled that particular smell, paused for a minute to let a few happy memories resurface, then went back inside.

    I sent Kristin to call the police. I had Nicole wait outside the door. And I went to the convenience store in our building and ordered a sandwich. Not that I had the munchies, just that I hadn't eaten in a few hours and didnt feel like waiting for the popo on an empty stomach.

    Fast forward, the police arrive, and get Nicole to try knocking on the door as they hide off to the side. The residents don't answer at first, until Nicole threatens to "Call the police if you don't come to the door." I gave off a snicker at that point, which earned me a raised eyebrow, but I really couldn't help it. It was funny.

    Anyway, that got the guys to open the door. And the look on their face as the cops stepped into view and asked "mind if I come in...hey? whats that?" was absolutely priceless.

    So anyway, one room search, a couple rolls of 20's and a few readings of rights later, one resident was going to jail and 3 others were being written up by Nicole and I.

    Funnily enough one of the residents was a guy I had gotten painted up with for a game with. There are also other reasons why that is funny that I won't go into for now, as Google has taught me a lesson about how easy this journal is found.

    Nothing much aside. I did tell a guy something to the effect of "Your mom is cool. I love putting peanut butter on my dogs balls and having her lick it off."

    Guess thats for another time

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