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|•Just Call Me Mom•| (shoegoddess1184) wrote,
@ 2004-07-20 21:37:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:None

    *I'm Back!*
    Hey everyone! I missed you! I hope you missed me! We FINALLY got our computer fixed after many attempts. In the end, I'm not really sure what ended up being wrong with it, but now everything on it is erased and basically itz like we have a brand new computer. It sux, though, cuz now we have to redownload everything, but itz worth it if it works. Anyway, I hope none of you erased me from your friends lists, and if you did, well, I guess you weren't that good of friends to begin with. I will update you all within the next day or two. Just please give me some time to catch up.

    Jacob is doing great. He had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he is now 12 pounds exactly and 24 inches long and he's 9 weeks old. I have some great recent pix of him that I will post of him for you all to see as soon as I can. He also had to get his 2-month shots yesterday, which wasn't fun at all. He had to get 2 in each leg, and he cried and cried. I felt so bad and helpless. He was fine after a while, but he did end up running a small fever, and he was a little fussy. He seems to be feeling better now, though. I just love being a mom. Itz such an awesome feeling.

    My friend Tiffiny had her graduation party this past Saturday, and me and Jayson went, and Jayson was wrestling around with Tiffiny's younger brother, and Tiff's brother picked up Jayson and threw him in to the pound, and Jay had mine and his cell phones in his pocket. Jay's phone ended up only needing a new battery, but I ended up needing a brand new phone. Mine was completely fried and wouldn't even turn on. Becuz we already had a contract, we had to pay full price for my phone, which ended up being $140. I got a cuter pink flip phone, though, but it was still pretty expensive.

    A few days ago, Jayson got pulled over for driving without his headlights on. We had just pulled out of Taco Bell and jacob was crying so Jayson hadn't even realized that they weren't on. Jayson tried explaining that to the cop, and the cop asked him if he had been drinking that he couldn't tell that his headlights weren't on, and Jayson explained that with the street lights on, itz a little hard to tell, and the stupid ass cop gave him a ticket anyway. So that was another $100 down the drain. I swear, the cops here are terrible and very ticket-happy.

    For the 4th, we ended up going to Jay's grandma's for a BBQ becuz Jayson didn't have to work and she wanted to see Jacob, and we went fishing and that was pretty much it. I hope you all had a good 4th.

    I might be quitting my cheap-paying baby-sitting job and going to work part-time as a cashier where my mom works. I know itz not much, but itz a whole hell of a lot more than I make right now. Jay's hours were cut back for a while, but they're slowly picking back up and I just want to be able to help out, too. We will always have someone home to watch Jacob, so I won't have to worry about putting him in daycare or paying a baby-sitter.

    Well, I think that's about all that is new with me. I hope to get some comments from you all soon! We're all doing great here and we're all very happy! Please leave me some love! Byes!

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2004-07-20 23:01 (link)
Welcome back, I missed reading your post. . . glad to hear that Jacob is doing good, oh i remember the 2 month needles. . . logan didn't cry at that one, but he did for all the rest . . anyways. . hope to hear from you soon ..


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2004-07-21 04:16 (link)
Hey hun its me, I just wanted to say hi and its glad to see ya back up again...sorry to hear bout the phone shyt, still can't believe that happend..even tho it was kinda funny..but still :-p
Glad to hear Jacob is doing well...and you and Jay are and such. But its really late so i better go. I just wanted to say hi...ttyl hopefully
<3z ya,

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