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|•Just Call Me Mom•| (shoegoddess1184) wrote,
@ 2004-06-03 10:44:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:*Broken* - Seether & Amy Lee

    *Not Much Goin' On*
    Hey everyone. I hope you all liked my pix! I posted them myself! I finally figured out how to do it. LoL. Anyway, not too much has been goin' on with me lately. Jacob had another doctor's appointment on Tuesday, to check his birth weight, and he's back up to 8 lbs and 9 oz now, so he gained his birth weight back and then some. The doctor also said that he's as healthy as can be, which is good. He has to go back in another 2 weeks for his 1 month check-up, and then he gets his next set of shots when he's 2 months. Everyone always says how big he is but he still looks small to me. He's 2 weeks old and he's still in newborn diapers and a lot of his 0/3 month clothes are too big on him. He loves to go for car rides, though. We took him grocery shopping and he slept the whole way there and slept the whole time in the store. We got his professional pix back from the hospital. Those are the ones that were on his web page that I posted for you all to see. They're really good. His umbilical cord fell off when he was 11 days old, and me and Jay's mom gave him his first bath on Sunday, which he surprisingly liked. So that is all that is new with him. We all just love him so much and he's such a joy to have around.

    I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with my Ob/Gyn. It was my post-partum check-up. She checked my incision and said that itz healing nicely but I still need to take it easy for a little while. I have another appointment in a month for a pap becuz at my last one I had some abnormal cells. I'm happy to say though that since Jacob has been born, I have lost 30 pounds. I still need to lose about another 20-30 and then I'll be at my ideal weight. It may take some time, but with diet and exercise, I'm hoping to see some results in a few months.

    On June 12th, my sister is taking me to get my hair done. I'm having it dyed back to blonde and getting light blonde high-lights. I went back to brown when I was pregnant so I wouldn't have to worry about my roots, but now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I decided that I want to go back to blonde. My sis wants to do something nice for me, since I've been kinda down with how I look since Jake has been born. So I'm looking forward to that.

    Well, I think that's about all for now. I gotta go and attend to Jacob! Please leave me some love!

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2004-06-03 17:02 (link)
i'm glad to hear that everything going great!!!! so is jacob bigger than what he should be since he's only 2 weeks, or is he just right? dont quite understand that part, haha.
i'm glad to hear that ur incision is healing smoothly, dont want anything bad to happen *knock on wood*
i hope everythin stays well with jacob and you.
i dyed my hair back to brown cause i got tired of my blondeness.. but miss it :-( so i think im gonna wind up going back. haha.. take care!!


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2004-06-04 13:32 (link)
aw thats nice tat ur sis is tkin u to get ur hair'll look cute!You seem so much happier with jacob here aw i <33 it lol! Take care hun!

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2004-06-04 15:51 (link)
You know I <3'd the pics. I can't wait to get my little copy of little Jacob's hospital pic. He's absolutely adorable, and You know I think he's an absolute spitting image of his daddy, minus the hair. hehe.

Just to let you know I AM FINALLY picking your baby stuff tonight. LOL, I will send it out next week, I promise. I'm finally NOT broke. agh, thought that would NEVER EVER go away. =D

On another note, I'm glad things are going well sweetie. <33 you!

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2004-06-04 17:51 (link)
hey hun, i'm glad to hear that Jacob is doing great, and so are you and Jayson .. .
My son is 2, and me and my boyfriend have been together for a year ( he isn't my son's real father , but he treats my son like he is his )
talk to ya soon . .

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2004-06-06 17:50 (link)
hey girl.. this is booty_babyx0.. i use this one now. add me over here?? please!! ;]

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2004-06-07 12:39 (link)
Hey, i was 14 when i had Logan, but a month later i turned 15, and now i'm 17 tomorrow, and logan's father was 17 and now he is 19, but we are no longer together, i have a great boyfriend who i have been with for a year and he treats logan like he's own . . which is great!
Talk to ya soon ..


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