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lois (shmois) wrote,
@ 2003-10-31 11:56:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:random all american rejects song

    kinda happy!
    hey it's 11-45 and i'm usualy out with the possy by now but they have all gone 2 peterbough without me=o(steff won't wake up grrrr WAKE UP she did go 2 a party last nite but that realy is'nt a good enough excuse 4 me!mum's at work till 1 and then i have 2 get hair dye the joys off my life!actualy i think the time on my phone is wrong i duno i'll ask beki....yep its 12 only one hour till mum's home thats gay
    i've decided that im guna go on a diet and get fit!i want 2 get a good p.e grade >GEEK<
    It's raining again how stupidly stupid it realy is so lame i need 2 move countrys!
    might go radlands l8a with beki but i dont have nemoney so i dont c that happening ther is seriuosly no where 2 sk8 when it rains morrsions has bevcome realy lame and wont let neone sk8 ther and josh is at peterbough so we cant sk8 his ramp =o(
    ringing smeff she has 2 wake up now.........
    i h8 hannah mac and all the other grebs they r allways dissin me wen realy i havn't done nething and they seriously need 2 get a life!swing swing wooooowooooooo i dont think im guna bother goin out 2day i have loads of crazy homework and english corsewotrk i realy shud do but thats 2 geeky i think im guna sk8 in the house and land the god dam kickflips I WILL LAND THEM!
    got sum realy kool etnies 2 replace my gallaz yesterday from chopper they r lovely and cool
    neways this is like the entry ofbordem im goin 2 just edit this and shit probly guna b loads of entrys 2day!
    loves loisxx

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