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lois (shmois) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 20:05:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:--------------

    First entry
    Hey this is my first entry on here and i dont realy no wat to put el o el!ok well here we go... 2day was pretty crap had a hair cut in the mornin looks pretty lush bit 2 short but who realy gives a damn!met smeff at chopper and sk8ed at morrisons 4 ages untill the security guard thru us out again arghh he's so gay, actualy i wunder if he is?!
    neways me and smeff were doin realy lame shit like ollie off curbs and up them haha it was funni though!finaly made my kickflips stay kickflips instead of going into variel kickflips wooooowooooo its all good!didnt see smelliot 2day which is rather gay cause smeff dint want 2 sk8 the prk grrrr i love mini ramp and i havnt sk8ed it in like more than a week cause my gay ass foot,still swolen and lookin like a tennis ball its kinda gay i'm still liveing on ibraprophene EKKKK!
    joe's a jew and ses shag 2 much HAHA joe if you r reading this hehe =o)do you wana come derby on saturday?
    neways that the end of 2days entrie so i'm guna love ya and leave ya choi 4 nowxxx

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2003-10-30 19:33 (link)
halo lois :) i have journal but it's not on here it's on I might make another one here so we can be journal buddies on this too, but then ill like have two journals and it might get confusing but u never no... i'll go think about it. Just got home from the sixth form party... it was pretty crazy u should have come. Anys my journal address is and maybe soon ill be part of this too :) hehe
Love ya hun xxx

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2003-10-30 19:44 (link)
P.S. I'm sorry I didn't come park... I hate it there and I hate the ramps :( sorry and i love ya! :) hehe

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