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Rob (shit_s0n) wrote,
@ 2005-10-24 21:48:00
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    woah i forgot about this.

    school is ok, well actually the name amherst, elisabeth had been coming up on my attendance lists for a while. she would have been in my english class and my gym class. and then i would get to hear her. i talked to landon, and he tells me she is in fullerton now. with some friends. he also tells me she is PREGNANT. and i found she has a livejournal, and im going to make one so i can be her friend. if she remembers me. but i guess she fucked around with a couple people, one of them being the dad of her kid. i wonder what thats like.

    jim tells me i shouldnt be obsessed with her. well everyone tells me that, but icome on, im not OBSESSED. i would say interested. shes fucking beautiful, thats enough for anyone to be obssessed. if you havent met her, you should see her, see how she looks and how she acts and how sad she can seem, and then tell me youre not interested. ok jim, sure its just some hot girl. he has no idea.

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2005-10-24 21:53 (link)
dude u are obsessed,.

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2005-10-24 21:54 (link)
yea? fuck u man

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2005-10-24 21:55 (link)
uh why arent u going to like talk to her or call or see her or anything if y oure so obsesed? or are u trying not to seem obsessed? cause dude its fucken obvious

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2005-10-24 21:55 (link)
im going to talk to you on aim cause this is kind of retarded

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2005-10-24 21:56 (link)
lmao yea ok bye

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