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Brian (shinyshinyooh) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 05:01:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:I Will Fuckin Survive, ya bastard!

    I just dunno what ta do with meself
    Like I've been sittin here, nursin me hangover, and no one come an seen me! Not even me tristan_thor. He ain't bin near the place. An it's tearin me apart, mates, it really is. See, I'da given up anythin for that bloke. He's a good kid, he's sweet an funny an gives great cuddles. But there ain't bin hide nor hair of tha little bugger for a while, since I walked outa his room after we...danced the Waltzing Matilda, ya know.

    So, if any ya bastards seen the little shite, tell him Aura ain't a happy girl, alright? She's sittin here, in her undies, tryna drink an smoke herself ta death, awright?

    Ah, fuck ya an the horse ya came on ya bunch a drongoes

    [Letter from Daddy Adam]

    Bri!!!!! How ARE YOU! Like you must be having that time ya LIFE in SUEWARTS!!!!!!!1111!!!!!LOL!! I really wanted ta go there when I was a kid!!!!

    Daddy Tick is tryna drown herself in a vat a LIQUID FOUNDATION!!!!!OMG!!!!OMG!!! Cos, like, ya know about tha Elrond thin, an there's tha Agent Smith thin an I wrote up this list a fandoms Tick's in an it's HUGE!!!!!

    ((* Is it huge? HUGE! says the superfluous OOC comment))

    Yeah!!!!! Ben says HI!!!!!!1111!!!! Gotta GO!!!


    Daddy Adam

    Anyone got any drugs for hyperactivity? If ya do, just send 'em ta the Pink Pussycat in Sydney - there's a bloke who really needs 'em.

    Oh, an tha list? It's here...

    If I weren't a lady, I'm be swearin at the fucker right now

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