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Brian (shinyshinyooh) wrote,
@ 2003-04-28 11:00:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Somethin on tha radio

    An it was all so good an then I bloody went an screwed it up. Me and tristan_thor that is. Well, I asked him ta come ta Sydney an then stuff happened an it was tha best thing in me life. An then I go on about love an stuff an scare the bloke off.

    Way ta go, Brian, ya great big wanker

    So it's all buggered an I'm breakin my heart here an I ain't gotta clue what ta do now. Bloody hell! It's like I should be in Aqumortum with all me whinin an everythin.

    Just gonna get meself pissed an it'll all fuck off

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2003-04-28 15:13 (link)
Hello, fellow spy *scans image* Brian.

I would like to know if you have any information in regards to the disruptions in the Matrix. Was agent_lee behind it? Or is the Matrix just exceptionally screwy here?

Did you know that I am the ONE? Not that bastard Neo.

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2003-04-28 15:24 (link)
'Luv, I kinda think tha Matrix is just well screwed round here, just like me love life. Got any more booze, mate?'

Something dawned and those mocha eyes narrowed cruelly. 'You ain't the One! Thor is tha One!' *mutters drunkly*

((ooc ps. Is there a shop in DRH?))

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2003-04-28 15:37 (link)

I pondered the word momentarily. I thought of the stuff Dozer used to make. Booze. It was different within the confines of the matrix. Not that I drink.

"I think I can construct some. What type would you like?"

My mind just registered that he claimed that I was not the one. He claimed that 'Thor' is.

"Do you mean the fellow spy tristan_thor? He is not the one. He is just a fellow spy. I am the one who can manipulate the Matrix as I see fit."

(((ooc- no shop in DRH. why?)))

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2003-04-28 15:46 (link)
'Vodka. Gimme vodka,' slurred Brian, collapsing against a wall and groaning. The pain! THE PAIN!

'Thor's the One. Thor's always tha One.' He was the One, the One who had captured and broken that soft and squishy Aussie drag queen heart

((ooc: was just wondering love))

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2003-04-28 15:49 (link)
I uploaded a code for vodka. I hastily made it. This spy had definatly not kept up to date with goings on in the real world. Calling Thor the one...I am the ONE!

'Here is your vodka,' I said through gritted teeth handing the spy the glass that was filled to the brim.

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2003-04-28 15:53 (link)
Brian gulped it down, eyes all bloodshot and spiky hair utterly messed up. He looked like hell in a bathtub.

'My Thor's tha One,' he mumbled to himself, sliding down the wall and sitting on the cold, hard ground.

'Need more booze. I demand ta have some booze!' Even in the dark recesses of his alcohol-sodden mind, Brian could see that if he carried on, he'd be transformed into a Withnail and I Stu. And you know what? He didn't care. He empathised with Withnail's unreturned love for Marwood. He understood the ending that was never filmed where Withnail shot himself.

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2003-04-28 20:42 (link)
I was not familiar with this. Emotion...I only was familiar with anger...this was not anger. Something else. It was not even lust. I wasn't sure how I should proceed. Should I give in to his demands for more alcohol as he would not admit that I was the one?

I decided that I would investigate. I procured more Alcohol.

"Why do you think that tristan_thor is the one?"

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2003-04-29 06:57 (link)
'Becaush he'sh sho bloody fantashtic, innee? Love tha boy an he'sh tha one in me heart though he'sh not thinkin tha shame way,' slurred Brian, drinking from the bottle of absinthe.

He was away with the Green Fairies alright

'I love ya. You'sh ma friend.'

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2003-04-29 07:19 (link)
Hmmm. I study this pathetic excuse for a spy. Or maybe he was really deep undercover. I could not tell. But, heart? The one? He was making no sense. It is all just an illusion created in the confines of the Matrix. I decided it would be best if I stopped procurring alcohol. I will try to reason with him showing some semblence to emotion.

"There, there. Thor is not thinkng the same way because he knows that I am the ONE. I bet he has been trying to convince you of that the whole time. Did you try listening to him?"

There. I had spoken clearly and rationally without going for my gun! And bastard boy Neo said it couldn't be done...

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