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Tabitha (shininq_starre) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 19:40:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:lizzie mcguire...i hate hilary duff... so friggin much.

    don't forget - a boat load of mental deficiency and three dwarfs.
    wow, i haven't updated this piece of shit since october. 3 months ! a whole new year. we got a puppy. he's a german shorthair pointer and either a whippet or a greyhound, and his name's leo. he's white with some black dalmation-ish spots on his back and legs, and he has a big brown patch over one of his eyes. i think i have a picture of him here. maybe i'll upload it. i hate joey. i hate him more than anything i've ever hated. i think i'd rather eat brussel sprouts and listen to bruce springsteen than be in the same room as him. oh, and i can now confirm that i am madly in love with one of my classmates. i <3 tommy. he's so cuteeee ! and he's not totally self-obsessed. and he doesn't use language arts class to annoy people (our L.A. teacher is really sweet, but she's kind of a pushover). my sister is still a bitch. my little brother is still gay. and my stepbrother is still my parent's favorite child. speaking of my parents, they still force me to do their housework for minimum wage. and they send me to a therapist. and they yell at me 'cause i'm fat. and they scream when i do something wrong. they pay big chris the same money as me even though i do dishes, laundry, and other errands, while he takes the trash out once a week.

    i don't wanna go home. another injustice of my parents is that since dad is all italian he doesn't want me hanging around with my second-street, irish friends. that's just too bad because if i don't find myself a job for this summer i'll be at my pop's house and guess who i'll spend my days with ?? hah.

    i'm wearing turquoise eyeshadow. today we went to burger king. yelled at people, including a lady with an ugly sweater, a man with a cap, two ladies with trenchcoats (and guns, i think), a lady with knock-off adidas pants, and three kids with shorts on (it's mid-january and like -4 degrees here). threw out two trays. had a whole lot of fun.

    can't wait until monday...going to the mall with jackie and her family. i <33 jackie and her family. we're going to hot topic to ransack some merchandise. i need pants and earrings to wear for student appreciation day during catholic schools week. why do i even go to catholic school ? i'm not catholic. oh well. love ya and good night !!!

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2004-02-16 13:48 (link)
if you must read tabitha's journal:

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