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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2004-07-05 00:17:00
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    I had an awesome day when I thought it was going to suck.
    I slept in and then took a shower. My sis and her bf and I went to fremont and I bought a White Stripes cd [oh the hardest button to button] and a funky shirt. She bought some pants and then we ate at my fave little hole-in-the-wall mexican place.
    Then we came back to Livermore and chilled for a bit while the 'rents made BBQ.
    Soon family friends came over w/ their ADORABLE, PRECIOUS kids [no sarcasm either - these kids were angels!]. Morgan and her bf went to chill w/ friends and I stayed behind because I was sure to stay home alone.
    But Vince popped up online real quick and I jumped at the opportunity to have him come chill and was so glad that he came through! He ended up coming w/ my famm. to the local fireworks show [which like EVERYONE in town goes to] and we had a blast. We actually ran into quite a few friends from high school and that was super nice too. I felt pretty and that's always a plus. hehhehe Vince always makes me feel so good about myself :) I think i'll post a few pics of him soon. All the girlies will say "and why arent u with him? he's adorable!" - but he's my best friend and its been that way since I was 14. He's the 1st boy to ever call me on the phone lol. ahhh memories! heheh he came home w/ me for a lil while and I forced him to watch my Reno 911 dvd =P
    Tonight was so nice - with good friends, good food, a happy family, and listening to loud ass rock music for 30 min. while attempting to drive out of a super crowded parking lot.
    and now i get to sleep in!! YAAAAY =)
    everything has been so lonesome and tough for me lately. I feel like Im going to great lengths to put myself out there and to recieve things but tonight Ive realized that it's all in me and I think I should just try to center myself more instead of running around w/ open arms for anyone.. u know?

    there are a few ppl that i've sorta met that seem amazing - but I dont feel good enough. is it my weight? ya. is it my personality? kinda. is it my lifestyle? sorta. who knows. I just don't know what to do w/ myself. Who am I trying to please? and why . .. .

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