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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 17:31:00
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    I want you all to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. I promise, I will not make fun of you.

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2004-06-22 02:20 (link)
What things do you find the most beauty in?

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2004-06-22 14:32 (link)
omg tough question!

& this is probably going to make me sound so crazy... but I find the most beauty in:

- lighting [anything can look beautiful in the right lighting..really think about that too - like a sunrise, a street corner, a person's eyes..]
- the night sky
- the smell of the cement when it's raining
- nostalgia at any given time, for any reason
- random human characteristics: loneliness, being melancholy, shyness...
- I find beauty in people expressing themselves in a deep way =)

now what about you, sugar?

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2004-06-22 17:58 (link)

- a person eyes and how they can light up when they smile...
- cruising with a bunch of friends with the music cranked up high and the windows rolled down, singing at the top of your lungs and not caring if you sound stupid
- the night sky, like you :)
- how emotions can be expressed through colors.. and the many ways that colors can be manipulated and used to also strike emotion in someone...
- the simple things that someone can do to show you they care.. even if it costs them nothing at all..
- how many ways the things in this world can be interpreted... everyone sees and interprets things differently... no one can see one thing exactly the same way as someone else...

there's so much more.. but those are some of the things i find the most beauty in :)

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2004-06-23 01:55 (link)
awww I love that! I forgot to mention trees - im obsessed with trees. I think they're perfect :)

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2004-06-25 23:10 (link)
what turns you on? not necessarily sexually, but like...what gets you excited? puts a smile on your face that you can feel all over? (that's the best i could come up with :S)

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2004-06-26 01:19 (link)
ooooooo toughy big time!
hrmmm well I guess:

Sexually: - good kisses - playing with my hair - closeness - confidence - eyes - scent lighting

and just Normally: - bright ass sunshine - when small things in teh universe and my daily life are in order [basically when theres nothing to worry about] - going for super long drives makes me happy - super deep conversation - bunnies - beautiful small children w/ their parents - certain songs - dancing "like no one is watching" at a concert - singing at the top of my lungs in a car w/ my friends - compliments; genuine compliments - when i look at the world around me and see everything a certain , special way ---- now what about you brandon????

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2004-06-28 23:04 (link)
experience turns me on: like, being able to say "oh, Ive been there" "Ive done that"

un-familiarity: meeting someone for the first time, being at a new place, the way a place looks the first time you see it, as opposed to how it looks after you are used to it (this might not make any sense, im not really explaining it very well)

imperfection (which is a really good thing, its so hard to find perfection these days :P)

no worry days. when i wake up, and everything is right with my world. and i can spend the day doing anything i want.

on certain nights, when you can see the reflection of the moon in peoples eyes

when someone looks into my eyes and calls me by my first name.
yeah, those are some things that turn me on.

my day was so chill, thats the most i've had to think :)

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