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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 11:05:00
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    First best friend: katharine ryan
    First car: '89 ford escort
    First date: weston walker
    First real kiss: matt henry
    First break-up: matt henry
    First screen name: shigal09
    First self purchased album: no doubt, tragic kingdom - I was 12
    First funeral: non attended [knock on wood]
    First pets: 2 horses
    First credit card: nah, just a check card
    First true love: matt henry?
    First enemy: amanda danicki
    First musician you remember hearing in your house: cindy lauper

    Last cigarette: 2 weeks ago
    Last car ride: last weekend
    Last kiss: two weeks ago
    Last good cry: last night
    Last library book checked out: uhh...
    Last movie seen: EUROTRIP - and it rocked!
    Last beverage drank: chai tea from work
    Last food consumed: 4 crackers, while i was sick [over the course of 2 days]
    Last crush: someone unattainable
    Last phone call: last night
    Last time showered: last night
    Last shoes worn: black flip flops
    Last cd played: britney spears, in the zone lol
    Last item bought: paints
    Last annoyance: the slightest noises would bother me when i was sick
    Last disappointment: the night of the concert
    Last time wanting to die: last night i thought i was going to
    Last shirt worn: tiger colored camisole underneath, and a cut up, over the shoulder hunter green shirt on top
    Last website visited: mine lol -
    Last word you said: bye?
    Last song you sang: "maps" by YYY's
    What color socks are you wearing?: none
    What Color of underwear are you wearing?: white
    What's under your bed?: nothing. yes its that clean
    What time did you wake up today?: 10 am

    Where do you want to go?: France
    What is your career going to be?: teacher
    Where are you going to live?: undecided
    How many kids do you want?: 1-2
    What kind of car(s): you know I love Civics

    Current mood: sick as a dog
    Current music: "iris" goo goo dolls
    Current taste: water
    Current hair: messy bun
    Current clothes: dark grey yoga pants and a large t shirt = jammies
    Current annoyance(s): my pounding head and the constant sniffling
    Current longing: reach my dreams
    Current desktop picture: CHANEL rings and logo
    Current favorite artist: JEW
    Current book(s): Now that Humanities is over - back to Eggers
    Current color of toenails: plain
    Current hate: the fact i cant taste food

    My name is: shianne
    I may seem: plain
    But I('m) really: quite cute at times
    In the morning I: always have a plan
    I like to sleep: late at night
    If I could be doing anything right now I would be: boating on a lake
    Money is: what makes the world go round. and what ceases my world from going anywhere.
    One thing I wish I had is: a better physical appearance
    One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: flab?
    All I need is: LOVE - da ta da da da da lol
    If I had one wish it would be: to make all of my dreams come true
    Love is: getting old. that word has lost so much meaning to me these days.
    If an angel flew into my window at night i: would feel better about living
    If a demon crashed into my window I would: be more afraid of dying
    If I could see one person right now it would be: my grandparents in indiana
    Something I want but I don't really need is: new clothes
    Something I need but I don't really want is: college degree
    It makes me angry when: ppl are insensitive


    im just kinda getting over a huge fever i had the past two days
    i dont have a fever this morning but my head is stuffed and dizzy and im coughing w/ a runny nose :-(

    the night of the concert was the worst night of my life.. all kinds of bad shit happened and worst of all - i started getting realllllly sick.. so ever since then ive had a fever until now

    ok so here it is:
    we got off of the BART station and it was in the worst part of frisco ive ever been in - then we had to take a bus to the place.. well we found the bus and accidentaly took it south instead of north - we were on it for almost 2 hours!
    then we finally get to the place and its better than where the BART station was but its still not great .. we both hadn't eaten yet and its like 6pm so we eat subway then like ppl are coming up to us asking to buy their kids diapers and stuff - it made u not want to eat u know?
    so then its night and we go and wait in line to the place and that was ok. there were professional ppl there that were filming and taking pics of the whole concert and everything
    so anyways we realized that we had to hide our cameras so angela wrapped them in her sweater. i got in before her so i had to climb 2 flights of stairs by myself. that took awhile, because of my bad leg. and when i got to the top ang still wasnt there... then she turns the corner w. a guy that says we have to put our cameras in coat check because we're not allowed to use them. so we put our purses and everything in their too
    but this time we were kinda excited because the inside of the place was nice and small and pretty and we felt good

    so then... 8pm rolls around [when it was supposed to start] and some stupid guy comes out and sings like 5 songs all by himself - man he sucked soooo bad
    THEN this short, fat, bald, old man comes on and sings these weird funny songs and has these girls dancing on stage - but he was soooooo confident in himself, and he was a good dancer too.. he was fun
    angela just loved him

    i wasnt having fun because there was this couple behind me and they were rubbing up against me the whole time and spilling their drinks on me and everytime i turned around to say something they wouldnt look at me, and sometimes they would just start making out! the guy was like 23, the girl was like 19. damn it pissed me off - that lasted for the whole night almost!!
    so then the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S dont get on stage until 10:45!!
    o man by then i was feeling sooooo sick..
    and that stupid couple started a mosh pit and angela and i were stuck in it - and it just wasnt that kind of show.. so this really tall guy grabbed them both and held them down in place and whispered something in their ear and from then on they stopped - i was glad they got what was coming to them u know?
    so then the band was on and they were soo fun to watch and we were REALLY up close and it was cool but we kinda wanted to leave after like 4 songs by them because everything had just taken its tole.

    so we got our stuff and left and outside we went to the bus stop but there were homeless ppl arguing really loud and creepy so we kept walking to another bus stop [because we both didnt feel well in many ways- did i mention at one point the couple spilled their whole drink down my back?]

    so we're at the bus stop and across the st. from us are 4 guys all dressed w/ white tee shirts on and blue bandanas around their head..

    so we're waiting there for ths bus and two of the guys start walking down the street and im like "uhoh" and angela said dont worry.. and she was right they walked way away from us..
    but anyways taxis kept coming by and i was like "lets take a cab to bart" and she said we should wait so we did

    but the other two gang guys came across the st. towards us.. and they stood RIGHT behind angela.. and i saw that and i saw two taxis coming down the street.. and the guys saw them and were all "hell no." and i ran in the street and hailed down a cab.. and then ang and i got in... and while we were telling the cab driver where to go - those 2 guys walked back to where they were standing and just stood there again. THAT was really creepy because there was NO ONE else on the street or anything..

    so we felt relieved and we got back to bart and we found out that the union city station was closed for a half hour or so because they were having rail problems or something like that.. so we have to like take a richmond train and get off in oakland, then take a pleasanton train and get off in bayfair, then FINALLY a fremont train came - and that was it. by the end of the night i had a burning fever and was trying to sleep at ryan's.. the next morning [yesterday] i had to get up , hella sick, and go to class and write my final essay
    shitty huh? :-(

    ps. im kinda bummed not a lot of ppl read my last entry - only cos pics were involved lol

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2004-03-19 15:27 (link)
i read your last entry. i just never seem to comment anymore. i guess i'm getting somewhat bored with this journal.

i wanted to say something about your class ending. have you picked out anything to take in the summer? i'm sad my photo class is ending. it's the only one i feel like i've learning something in, and it's not even close to part of my major. too bad they don't offer more classes in the summer, guess i will have to wait till the fall. so are you going to take more classes next year, or are you still doing the part time thing? i know you work, but i have no idea how much. i think i'll be taking time off work next fall. i think i need to use the time to just focus on school. that way next spring i will only have 3 classes to take for graduation, then i can work a little more and save some money.

i hope you feel better. i noticed you were sick from your AIM away message. i'm very proud of you though for going to school sick as a dog to finish something that i'm sure you didn't want to do. better than me.

i'll talk to you later, maybe i'll make an appearance on AIM later.


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2004-03-19 22:23 (link)
aw well that does make me feel better that u read it - i hope you dont get too bored w. your journal because i do look forward to our convos and all of that. maybe just post less often? i dont know...

i havent picked out summer classes yet because the schedule book hasnt come out yet. and yea i think i am going to take around 4 classes next sem. i still have to work as much as possible so i can afford those classes hehe.

i think its a great idea for you to load up next semester and then only have to focus on 3 for graduation :) have u looked into any other schools yet hun? aw yea you always sign on and then sign off right away ;)

hope ill see u later!

*muah back at ya*
- shi

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2004-03-21 22:50 (link)
i've been looking at schools in this area. i don't think i'll be able to move for grad school.. well that is i won't be able to if i want to go straight into the grad program. i just don't that the time or the money to be going across the country just to look at some school that i might not want to go to. i think i'll just stay in nj or ny...the bonus of staying in nj is that it's much cheaper to stay in the state you live in.

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2004-03-21 10:36 (link)
I would've knocked that couple out if I were you! *LOL*

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2004-03-21 11:40 (link)
I know huh? Thats what everyone says but I just didnt wanna get kicked out our anything =/

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2004-03-21 22:20 (link)
first of all..what is BART? There is a "BART" at the Uni. of Dayton here in's a modern art type thing, and people call it BART=big ass red reading BART made me laugh.

sorry to hear the concert wasn't what you were hoping for. It sucks when youre expecting and bang, and it fizzles out.

the next time will be better..thats the only good to come out of the know the next time will be an improvement..

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2004-03-22 13:48 (link)
BART = bay area rail transit , I think lol - like an outdoor, and sometimes under the bay subway

yeah ty for the advice

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