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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 18:03:00
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    I had quite a busy weekend. And still a busier week to come..
    Last Friday I went to my coworker's 21st birthday party and brought along my friend Laura and it was cool. We danced and hung out and had like one beer each lol. I ended up spending the night but Laura drove back to Fremont because she didnt really know anyone and stuff. Ah I have to admit that my coworkers are SUPER funny and fun to be around [pics later, when they get developed].
    Then on Saturday after I worked from 8am-1:30pm I drove to Fremont and picked up my sister and Angela, then we headed over to Laura's. From there we drove to Frisco. The weather was GORGEOUS and everyone was dressed very summertime. Over all the general mood was great. EXCEPT for Laura who was being very bossy and uptight about our plans. She was very tired though, she had been to a concert the night before and had alot more to do that weekend. But anyways it was cool. Before we headed into the mall we walked down a few streets. There was a rather large woman singing opera acapella down one street, around some guys selling their paintings. It was beautiful singing and I could have stayed there all day. Also down that street was a huge group of people looking for photo op's.. they were loud and all dressed as brides.. yelling out "we're the new san francisco..and yes some were men. heehee they were a jolly bunch of ppl! i could have stayed there all day .... but since I was being rushed [;)] we didnt. The mall was lame and I only bought one set of earrings and one pair of capris. Bleh. My sister found a few cute things though. And Laura bought one eyeshadow. Yea it wasnt a very great day. I hate it when people decide to stomp your good mood sometimes. Anyways 4 hours later we were all pissy and walking back towards the parking garage... when Laura told us she wanted us to sneak in [lol] a fancy hotel to take the elevator to the top to check out the view. I wasnt really down because I hate feeling out of place - but she persisted and so we gave in. We walked very quickly into the fanciest hotel Ive ever seen and headed towards the elevator. Laura and I acted like we owned the place but Laura and Morgan [my sis] were smiling and laughing and looking at every single picture and chandelier and everything - sooo obvious lol. But it was kool. After we passed the concierge desk we were cool. So anyways we're like going up the elevator and acting all casual [assuming we're gonna get off on the top floor, around #31] - when we realize that one whole side of the elevator had been glass from top to bottom, and the wall behind the glass had given way... it was one giant window. WE WERE ALL STUNNED. IT WAS SOOO BEAUTIFUL AND SUCH A RUSH!! So we kept going up & down from 20-31ish lol It was amazing and so beautiful!!! *sigh*

    After that we went home a little fluttered.

    Anyways, as for more recent things:
    My Humanities class ends on Thursday and Im bummed. I LOVE that class and teacher so much I think Im going to look up other classes he teaches and hopefully some of them will be under my gen. ed.

    ooo did I mention tomorrow Angela and I are going to the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S concert in Frisco!!!! WOO HOOO! expect pics soon kiddies!

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2004-03-18 00:01 (link)
Great pictures..I really like the first one. The sky is so blue.
I really want to visit SanFran some time..
It looks so different from my world.

Have fun with Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

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2004-03-18 12:35 (link)
yeah Frisco CAN be great - and it can also make you realize how much you value safety .. my night sucked so much ass brandon - and i have a fever right now :( you'll get the details on the worst night ever later :(

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