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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2004-01-30 22:40:00
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    Ah well. Hello there, friends & neighbors of Blurty. Long time no talk eh? Strange because EVERYONE I talk to says they havent "seen me forever" - if thats the case then who am I seeing because i feel like Im spread pretty thin right now.

    Not really though - just in my mind.

    And now prepare yourself for a well thought out entry- ahahah yea right:

    I love my classes in school right now. Well one. And so far Ive only gotten A's and B's [and yes, I have a quiz every single day]. SO thas good. The Humanities class is the one that I love. My teacher has so much knowledge and so much to say - and yet you can tell he's a simple old man. Who's lived a great life. Everyday we talk about life, God, the Cosmos, and nature.. and science.. And I love it. But sometimes it's too much for me to handle. Because Im sensitive to these things.. because I already think about them day in and day out all the time. It;s like a religion for me.
    And when it gets too hard to handle I wish that I were just like all the billions of people out there that walk around everyday and live their lives like a movie.. as if they were untouchable.. like the O Zone doesnt exist...
    I want to join GreenPeace - too bad Im afraid of flying. I want to make a difference. I want to have meaning. Even if it kills me - Id love to "save the Earth." And I dont mean help others - even though yes that is important - I mean save the Earth first. God, this class makes me so passionate. I wish I could say more but I dont want to bother you all with my jumbled thoughts.. . . .

    Last week my work had a huge dinner together. We all drove for an hour to go to The Spaghetti Factory. The set up was nice, and so were the drinks and dessert - the actual food was horrendous. Except mine. I had a Chicken Caesar Salad [as I ALWAYS do anywhere I go - yum!] .. regardless, that is still like 20 ppl that said their food stunk. Here are pics:

    *note* Ryan and I saw The Butterfly Effect and it rocked

    I am beginning to realize how much I love California. I LOVE "California Culture" and am so proud to be apart of it. Makes me feel special - on other news, Im super psyched to go shopping tomorrow ;)

    Miss you all . . . .

    ps. I just found out that my best friend EVER [since 3rd grade] is joining the Air Force..I feel like Im gonna lose touch with her .. just all kinds of emotions are rushing through me righ tnow. . so I just let the tears fall down my cheek..

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2004-01-31 13:18 (link)
i love the pictures...i wish i worked with lots of people my age so i could have more fun. i love who i work with, but still...i think i am in need of people may age.

so sorry about your friend leaving, i hope she stays safe, and that you don't lose contact. write to her, call her, becuse everyone i know in the military seem to get lonely when they leave, because everyone just sort of forgets about them.

i'm so happy you like your classes. your so much like get so involved in the good classes that you want to join the groups, to take up the professions. it's fun to really love it...and i'm sure when you take more, you will have many more things that you want to's great to have choices.

good luck..**muah**

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2004-01-31 22:33 (link)
I love people like that (your teacher). Listening to people who have Lived and know what they are talking about is one of the things in life I really Enjoy. They seem to be few and far between. It seems like you're taking full advantage of what your classes are offering, that's good to see.

(Remember, other than Cheesecake, never eat food from a "Factory"!)

You California girls are all alike..or are you? Shit, where am I? nevermind...

Much good luck to your friend joining The Service

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