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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 21:57:00
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    Well my Birthday was kind of a mini success. I went to the mall w/ my lil sis and we bought makeup and had this gorgeous, filipina, perfect-model-looking girl professionally put makeup on us. She was really sweet and helpful and I got my money's worth with the products I bought too. And also learned great helpful tips. I recommend Lemon Aid, Brow Zing, and Hoola all by Benefit. They do small miracles on me - believe it. Ill show you all the difference once I learn how to use my new digi cam that Ryan bought me!!!! The best boy ever! He is such a giver and I love himmmmmmmmmmm!! :)

    I also got great spicy teas, yummy bath salts, the new Hoobastank cd, and a new dashboard cover thingy [which I need DESPERATLEY] =) I was pleased.

    So after shopping [since I got off track w/ my story] I got all dolled up and ran around town looking for food to buy for my guests. I ended up grabbing chips and dip and coke, hot wings, and then going to a mexican restaurant to buy nachos and fajitas, and finally I ordered a pizza to arrive at 8 lol. And was that enough food for everyone? Hardly. Barely scraped by lol. Ah well. We all sat around and watched Finding Nemo and hung out. Then slowly they started leaving... I was sad when Ry left. But my two best friends [since elementary school], Angela + Laura spent the night. And we drank tea, looked at my scrapbook from the years.. and talked. It was SO nice - it had been a few years since we did that :)

    And now, its just another day . . . . except now I have a DIGI CAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! And I will force you all to get a new picture practically every entry - and then maybe you all can know Im legit and I am who I say I am and all of that jazz! Toodles!

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2003-12-30 03:55 (link)
oh, I got the new Hoobastank cd, and it is really good. I really like it.

And I'm so glad that you had a good b-day. If anyone deserves it, its you!

I'm happy you had a good time. And you got to hang out with old friends. And just that you are good. im so happy now, just about thing i HAVE going for me, and i'm glad that you are happy too.

Love from Home

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2003-12-30 18:03 (link)
tell me! im anxious!

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