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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 10:47:00
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    HAVE to plug my new layout over at my independent site. I am proud of it - even though im not quite satisfied with the background yet. And once my HTML skills become a little more polished I have this huge, mastermind layout thats already in the works. I just need a little time to learn. Hmmmmm should I change the layout here? Its one of my best ever - what do you all think? [Id like to know]

    Its grey and rainy today.. a nice day to lounge around and dream about life and the world. Listen to classical piano for hours and hours.. and then some Coldplay [my favorite indulgence] =)
    Today my mind is quite preoccupied w/ thoughts travelling the world... and about one thousand ideas for my photography..

    Ive come to realize my mind is cluttered. How does one clear out excess baggage there? =(
    Ive just finished deep cleaning my room and that did help give me some piece of mind.. but what about the rest of my life?

    Once again, woe is me.

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2003-12-23 15:42 (link)
funny, sometimes i think the same thing, like my head has too much in it and i want to clear some of it out, i say, throw yourself down some stairs and hit your head hard enough so that you get amnesia lol see i used BOLD!! ohh and guess what!! i finished the great gatsby, but i didn't really like it... i think i just didn't like having to read if for school and i don't like the way the teacher taught it, so i am going to give it another chance and re read it. and we started watching the movie today, and it is pretty bad lol sorry to disappoint you, after i read it again, it might grow on me :)

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2003-12-24 00:51 (link)
hey its not for everyone.. i could have just liked it because of the way my teahcer had taught it - no biggie

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2003-12-23 20:32 (link)
There's just something about Coldplay that so relaxing. I love the piano... excellent stuff. I've been meaning to download more tracks to listen to. I've only heard the more popular cuts that they play on the radio.

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2003-12-24 01:04 (link)
"rush of blood to the head" - live is great
"politik" is magic towards the end
"clocks" oooooo
and all of em are just beautiful. they can do no harm as far as i am concerned =)

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2003-12-24 00:26 (link)
"Deep cleaned" your room!! LOL When will it ever end you ball of love! Hahaha. As far as wondering how to go about calming your thoughts, I suggest exercise. After exercise, while your sugar is all burnt off and your body is focusing itself on destroying those fat cells, it causes fatigue, and you won't WANT to think at all. Seriously Shizzle, after I exercise, I come home, throw on some tunes, and just chill 100% worry-free. Adios midget.


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Re: hehe
2003-12-24 00:47 (link)
oo baby =)

does yoga count?

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