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ShiannE (shigal) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 14:48:00
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    I'm so busy dweling in my life.

    Recent bad shit in my life:

    - got secretly shopped at work at got a 95% [out of 100%] - but it doesnt matter because the Legendary Service section was "poor".. am getting the blame for all of it.. and nothing else that was good matters about the report.. even that my drink was made in the correct way, within time range, and perfect weight and temperature. Great huh?

    - found out I cant get braces now because my parents dont want me on their plan.. I have to pay for all of my medical insurances myself now - which means I won't get braces like my mom has been telling me for the past 13 yrs...

    - my parents keep telling me to my face that they're being realistic when they say "we know you're not going to end up going to back to school no matter what you say." And having no heart when they say it.

    - I just need more money. It sucks.

    - I spilt a pitcher of 160 degree hot milk on my arm, hand and down the front of me today.. the front of me didnt hurt.. but I walked into the backroom afterwards and started crying and my hand was shaking and I had to put burn cream on it.. sucked =(

    - I have a migraine right now =(

    ps. Am currently PMSing... if you're wondering. Talk to you all later...

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2003-11-13 10:25 (link)
Sorry to hear things have been going shitty for you. I wish there was someway I could help.

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2003-11-13 11:32 (link)
aww just being a friend helps! that sux to hear you were in the us and I couldnt see ya! is that strange?

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2003-11-14 17:53 (link)
I was in the States, but still not very close to you...although hopefully I'll be in CA around january. and if not then, then very shortly after I have the baby (to show off lol)

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2003-11-14 23:53 (link)
maybe ill get to find out if you're real or not lolol

im so funny huh?

ive missed ya on the web pal =(

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