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Katelyn (sheahillenbrand) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 14:00:00
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    Current mood:champish
    Current music:im frickin awesome

    hahahahaha oh man my dumb computer is working again. finally. get this:

    F A M E by spazyspag
    Youre famous for:Being ugly
    You get famous:April 9, 2007
    You make $$ per/year:$683,138,539,511,267
    Do people like you?Everyone hates you
    Dead/Alive:No one knows
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    F A M E by spazyspag
    Youre famous for:Being a slut
    You get famous:May 17, 2047
    You make $$ per/year:$1.90579459090422e+15
    Do people like you?Everyone hates you
    Dead/Alive:Alive, but not for long
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    F A M E by spazyspag
    Youre famous for:Having nude photos all over the internet
    You get famous:June 22, 2048
    You make $$ per/year:$1.06334248405938e+15
    Do people like you?You suck.
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    hahaha man im frickin awesome. ok, so i spend all my time going around saying im frickin awesome, tryin to be all dr evilish like. i AM frickin awesome. i hope no one thinks i sound conceited cuz i dont mean it that way or anythin. moving on.........

    i havent updated since the 17th. and today is the 25th. it feels like its been forvever, but its only been 8 days. our stupid internet was brokin. :(

    lots has happened.lets see.

    WORK: big y sucks ass. ive gotten yelled at unbelieveable amounts of times for talking, ive gotten written up cuz my register was off $23 bucks cuz of my 'talking', and plus its right before thanksgiving now and everythings hectic. *plots to murder all the bad supervisors (*cough* lois *cough* donna *cough). im only still there cuz i love the emnployees and theyre semi good about giving me the time off i need.

    SCHOOL: alls i do is slack off. there seems to be no use in trying anymore, ive already been accepted to johnson and wales, wnec is a sure shot, and i could probably get in anywhere else i wanted (well within reason) due to my past grades. i havent done homework forever, and i havent studied for anything in a really long time. i always have a lot of fun in school now so thats cool. we visited salem state last saturday. it was really bad and dirty and we left a half hour after the tour started.

    FRIENDS/RANDOM EVENTS/THE BEST WEEKEND IN MY LIFE EVER: this week was school spirit week. it was freakin awesome. monday- maroon and gold day. always my least fave day, but i wore gold softball socks, and a marron and gold shirt nonetheless. tuesda- crazy hat day/whatever day. i wore my plastic police hat w/ the pull down visor. man it was awesome. got lots of compliments, but also tons of 'where is your sombrero?' questions. silly madre gave it away. hahahaha but once again, i got my pic taken for the yearbook. no guarantees ill be in there tho. lets hope not. today was class color day/ pep rally. seniors= black. SENIORS! SENIORS! SENIORS! ah man, the chant still rings in my ear. it was really great this year considering we didnt have one last year (snow day :( ). there was a cool SHAM, teacher sumo wrestling, and lots of loudness. it was great. but soon i have to work 2:30-8:30 on the super busy day before turkey day. POOO. very mad i am. hahaha reminds me of yoda day, remember champ lindsey? hahahahahahah. hahahah oh man this past weekend was the best weekend of my life. hahaha *realizes i say that everytime i have a fun weekend*

    SHIT. i have to go get ready to work. but i still want to updat about this past weekend so i will forever have it saved as a wonderful memory. ill update when i get home if im in a good mood. but im sure they will yell at mne again even though EVERYONE else does the same thing, im just the fuckin scapegoat. *punches big y*

    im out like a boner in sweatpants

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2003-11-26 19:58 (link)

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