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Katelyn (sheahillenbrand) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 18:43:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:dropkick murphys- walk away

    i got a haircut
    woot. woot. what a rockin weekend.

    saturday- woke up around 10. didnt do much. worked 12-5. got home. got my hair cut! omg i love it so much! its layered now, and i love wearing it down. i feel its really pretty and my whole family loves it as well. this is quite momentuous for me, as usually i hate wearing it down. but i love it. yay. then i went to will house. we were planning on hide and go seek at home depot but 1. we didnt have a winston and 2. dan sprained his ankle. hahaha. we were gunna visit blake, but we didnt feel like leaving wills house so we just chilled there. ahhh mucho good times. hahahahahaha oh man. then madre made me come home for 11. poo. cuz i hada get up early for today cuz we were visiting johnson and wales.

    today- woot. woke up at 9. left at 10. got to j &w around 11:15. it was awesome. they have a really cool sport/event/entertainment management program. the tour guide was HAWT! it was 'decision day' as they called it, when we registered we handed in our transcripts so we could have a decision by the time we left. i got in. it was sort of anti-climactic. like i was anticipating my first college acceptance to be a big thing. but it really wasnt. maybe it was cuz i was in a bad mood cuz my parents were fighting. again. but i am very happy. i have an accepted students guide, and i was accepted into their honors program as well. plus i have at least a $5,000 scholarship, as well as a chance for a chancellor's scholarship, ranging anywhere from $10, 000- full tuition. woot!!!!! im really torn between j &w and western new england. theyre like two totally different campuses tho, and i loved em both. wnec is in the city of springfield, but it really doesnt seem like a city, the campus is in a relatively rural part and is fairly small. whereas, j &w is right smack dab in downcity providence and it big, and totally busy. i liked em both, itll defnitely be a tough decision. plus, we're still not done visiting. salem state is up next on november 22, and id also like to visit u conn and slippery rock. woot. i should go try and do something productive now.

    im out like a boner in sweatpants.

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2003-11-09 20:18 (link)
woot...can i come with you to salem cause thats one of the schools i want to go to ...and like yay.umm i also know uconn very well cause i go down there like twice a month..well have fun tehre kiddo!


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2003-11-09 22:30 (link)
woot, of course champ, youre coming to salem avec moi. and tell me more about u conn.

mark's a champ!!

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2003-11-10 18:10 (link)
i must see this new haircut champo. providing that i don't stay sick forever.
arg i feel like crap. but thanks for calling to check up on me! what a champ!
unlike someone *cough*markhannon*cough* :P
just kidding. i can't talk anyway, it just turns into cough after cough after cough.
well, hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow so i can go to papa gino's.
(crosses fingers)
this comment is getting kind of long. so byyyyyyyyye!

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