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Katelyn (sheahillenbrand) wrote,
@ 2003-10-31 21:51:00
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    Current mood:i have a cold :(
    Current music:tom green - the salmon song from road trip

    what a stinky halloween. first thing this morning-huge fight with my mom. that sucked ass. then i still felt sick from last night and i was not feeling good all day. when i got home, i found out i defintely could not go out tonight, meaning i had to cancel trick or treat plans with will that we had FOR A MONTH. damnit. it sucked, it was gunna be so fun and i could tell he was disappointed. :( . sad face. but i felt like super sick around 5-7 ish, so that made me feel better about having to stay home cuz i woulda been sick anyways. so ive done like absolutely nothing tonight. talked to dan for awhile earlier, it was funny. shit i closed our convo box, but there was this really funny part that i wanted to post. but it is lost. :( . is disgusting by the way, yet somehow i spent like 2 hours looking at it. jhjkhskdjh. then i downloaded some music and now im updating. thats all. no one is on cuz everyone is out and about on this wonderful halloween night. scratch that, nick just im'ed me. ha ha.

    rawrgh. so i think things are resolved now with emily. go to her journal if you have no idea what went on. it made me pretty mad at first, but we're ok now i guess. we'll see.

    man this weekend was supposed to be awesome, but now like all my plans are crushed. lets have a looksie:

    friday- trick or treating/ hang with will after ----> crushed
    saturday- do something with david in the morning, work 2-6:30, wrights chicken farm with the champs ----> nothing with david, still working (poo), missing a softball practice because i have to work, not sure about wrights
    sunday- doubleheader indoor softball games ----> crushed, i have to work 10-4 and theres NO ONE who i can switch with/ take my place....oh man i was sooo mad.

    so now basically alls i have to look forward to this weekend is my 4-6 page english paper that i havent started yet. which was supposed to be due today, but she gave us until monday. but she was super mean about the extension. roar. hopefully the whole wrights deal is a go for tomorrow night, i hope madre and i resolve our little fight so i can go. ofjdskhkjdshdkjh if i cant, im going to be PISSED. jzshdskjhdsfjkd. im mad already.

    ok now im better. and my heads starting to hurt again. ima go load up on drugs and hit the sack soon. how pathetic on a friday night.

    im out like a boner in sweatpants.

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2003-10-31 22:13 (link)
man, thats sad.
i keep debating whether i want to go to but, id have to clear history and all that good stuff.. dont feel like it r/now..
sorry your halloween's a bummer, but hey, i have a Baby-Think-It-Over for my halloween.. so damn stupid.. ne whoot.. think ill add ya
un.u.niq.ue // xox

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Re: weeoow..
2003-10-31 22:54 (link) is scary. is funny (its not what you think lol)


whats a baby-think-it-over?

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Re: weeoow..
2003-10-31 23:34 (link)
cool.. see..

baby think it over is a stupid health project,i have 2 take home a baby home over the weekend, & it cries every 3 hrs, and i have to put a damn key in its back & hold it for about 20 min... its soppsed to simulate real parenting"...yeah..right

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Re: weeoow..
2003-11-02 09:02 (link)

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Re: weeoow..
2003-11-02 19:23 (link) is quite....interesting....

let me just say its a lot of graphic pictures....of dead corpses, people being shot, car accidents, etc. generally stuff you would NOT see on tv. pretty digusting, yet fascinating at the same time. its weird. is just hilariously funny

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Re: weeoow..
2003-11-02 19:17 (link)
hahahahhaa oh man. i would definitely viciously murder myself if i had to carry around one of those damn babies....

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