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Shayd (shayd) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 22:31:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    Yeah, and yet again...
    So it's been a while again. Things are crazy. I am now the most happily engaged person I've ever known. I will be marrying Shaina Kristine Murray on December 20th and I couldn't be happier :) We have decided upon a date (December 20th) a time (11:00 am I believe, unless that's changed), Colors (hunter green, silver and som dark maroon/red), the groomsmen/bridesmaids (no ushers I'm thinking), the maid of honor and my 'best man' (my sister). We have a photographer, someone to do the ceremony, she has her dresses for her, the flower girl, the bridesmaids and her mother picked out, some of which are already being made, we have found our wedding bands we want, we have a place (i THINK) for the reception, the rehersal and rehersal dinner have been planned and we're almost done making a list for invitations. Now, know that when I say we, this is like 90% Shaina and her mom. The two of them have been amazing through this all... I'm dumbfounded at how much they've been able to get done and how quickly Shaina has jumped all over getting this thing done. I'm really excited :) That is certainly the highest point of my life right now.

    Another good thing is my job situation. For those who know me well, you knew I got hired on at Ideal Software Systems in Meridian, Mississippi and thus had to leave my friends and my (at the time) girlfriend behind for a job that paid less than adequately. Then, I was feeling like I was taking the corporate cock in the butt for a while, but I think things have gotten better. A friend of mine at work said you have to "pull out your balls, put them on the table and say 'this is what needs to happen' sometimes" and I guess I did just that. After being contacted about an interview in Benton, KY for a software company, doing the same job, only being paid better and living closer to my soon-to-be-bride and my friends, I went to my boss and after discussing some stuff said "I want to live closer to my friends (read that as Murray) and I want to stay with this company, but only if I can live in Murray and get a little more money." So, I'll be moving to Murray December 1st at the latest. I will be getting a pay adjustment to the level of a Level 1 Programmer (should be a 1-2 maybe more dollars per hour) and will get to work from home. So that sounds like a good deal to me. I'm excited, as I think Shaina is too, since I'll be around more. And this is the beginning... if I can get some raises out of them, working at home has always sorta been my end-goal, so if I can get semi-not-so-crappy pay and work from home now, the company is really starting to take off... they still pay worth shit, but they're growing and I have a feeling in the next 2-3 years, it's going to be a VERY good company to work for... and I could move whereever we decided to move and keep doing my job... so awesome.

    Anyway, that's the best news for now, thought I'd let you guys know. I hope you guys are having a good time and that life is going well for you. Keep in touch.


    p.s. there, i did it, ya happy? :)

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2003-09-10 23:54 (link)
FINALLY. thanks, babe. :o)

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2003-09-11 13:06 (link)
Congrats Rick and Shaina!

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2003-09-11 13:44 (link)
i'm so happy for you kids!

congrats, rick, on getting to move back "home."

fun times all around.

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2003-09-12 13:19 (link)
rock freaking on.

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2003-09-14 19:27 (link)
Hey guys, it means a super-ton to me that you are all happy for us, and I'm sure that I speak for the both of us. If it weren't for Dave and Andy, I either wouldn't have met Shaina or, as I think is more likely, would have had to wait longer to meet her (I just believe things have a way of happening when they're meant to). I really appreciate all the support and friendship you've all shown us both. I cannot WAIT to be back in Murray and my only wish would be that every single one of my friends could be there too. For those of you who don't and won't be living in Murray, I know we'll manage to stay in touch in other ways.

Much love guys.

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