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3 am movie (idlestar) wrote in shatteredstars,
@ 2003-04-30 17:39:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:"kittie collar" Queen Adreena

    Just joined this community. I like the idea of it that I read in the user info page. Well never do know what to say cause I suck at saying anything catchy so I will just talk about my recent happening.
    My boyfriend broke up with me recently and a few days later he tells me he is going out with this girl who I knew! I was very very angry and I fell into a episode of depression and I lost about ten pounds from not eating. Plus I also cut myself so you can imagine what I did to myself during that time. Rawr it still pisses me off and I am sick of hearing her little journal entries about how lucky she is to be loved by him and blah blah blah! Fucking bastard! Sorry I just have no idea what else to tell you and yea I guess if you want to say, I am very fucking bitter right now!

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been there done that
2003-05-01 11:28 (link)
Seriously. Well I didnt know her, but she did have a journal, as did he.. and it's far to easy to keep looking at their
little love notes.

My advice - if you want it - is don't look!!
That advice was impossible for me to follow, but you look like a strong type :)
There is one thing that does help, I got it from some crappy scocioligist on some daytime tv show.
If you read something by either of them - or in person whatever - just hear it again in your head but with a stupid voice. I imagined sylvester, the cartoon? Sounds a bit nuts but the theory is it takes the sting out.

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Re: been there done that
2003-05-01 18:10 (link)
Good theory.
And yea....I am trying to not look at it but its really freaking hard. Its like if you were on a diet and someone set a chocolate cake in front of you, except when you eat it it tastes like crap.
Thanks for the advice :D

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