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broken forever (choking_on_air) wrote in shatteredstars,
@ 2003-03-29 23:39:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:"Dialated" by Atreyu

    hi, my name is kristin and i just joined. not to be a loser, but i feel like this is a good community after reading a few of the posts and the info. i mean, after all, heartbreak sucks and so does depression so i feel sort of "at home". not to imply that everyone here is depressed and some sappy heartbroken fool. btw, i get bored A LOT and i was looking at some of the people's journals here and realizing that they're rather plain[no offense]. and, if anyone wants to get their journal "did", then i'll do it...just don't be picky. :\

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2003-04-01 11:37 (link)
hey Kristin whats up??? Im sort of new to blurty too and i just pretty much write whenever something happens if im bored or even depressed, Um i was writing to say that imgoing to add you as a friend if u want to u can add me! but u also said that you do journals soi wanted to know if you can put something together for me!! name is stacie! hope to keep in touch!!

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Re: Hey
2003-04-01 22:57 (link)
yea, i'll re-do your blurty and add you back. :)

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2003-04-02 23:20 (link)
Heyy..i just joined recently and didnt want to impose and ask somebody to do it, cause im totally lost..if ya could just give me some pointers..cause yess mine is plain..i want some incubus idea how, lol:) laterr

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