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Opiate for One (lossofblood) wrote in shatteredstars,
@ 2003-10-09 13:23:00
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    Current music:"Bottom of A Bottle" -Smile Empty Soul

    Your sweet energy enlightens me
    Into a state of pure undissolving hate
    For society and all it's abstract sobriety
    Towards the common man.. what's common again?
    Define me to a position of indecision
    Because you know I can never make up my mind

    Oh sweet thing, you're so beautiful when your sad
    Shed a tear for me while you're feeling bad
    And excuse me if I'm tardy, from your pity party
    But I just thought that you ought
    to sit this one out alone, all on your own
    Is that so wrong? Did I come on too strong... again?

    Babe, you make me feel
    So completely unreal
    It's like a dream that I'm in
    And it keeps replaying again and again
    I didn't mean to impose
    upon you, I suppose
    But what would that have to do
    With an I love you?

    You're upset, that's not hard to see
    I led you on, the fault is on me
    But don't worry dear
    You've nothing to fear
    Come next September
    You won't even remember
    It'll be just another sad memory
    In a lost and distant revelry.

    But remember this dear
    I never shed a tear
    Until the day I came down
    And saw your smirking frown
    I fell to the ground
    Dizzy, unwound
    I never felt for you
    What you felt for me, too.

    Your pain turns me on.. turns me on.. turns me on.

    I love you.

    lol.. no one's really even keeping to the community's definition. Just thought I'd make that quite obvious observation.

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