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.:♥:.:Shared♥Solitude:.:♥~♥:. (shared_solitude) wrote,
@ 2006-10-05 10:11:00
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    *shrugs* I dont know if its that I just dont feel like writing or that I'm so damn busy or lazy or what.
    I do know that we have doubled the business again this year and that has me on my toes constantly.

    My kids moved an hour further north... great. Now I will see them even less. And now that Jordan is working, I'll see them even even less. Kate wont take the bus without her brother. Their father wont let them give me their new number and he wont let them use the phone to call me. Guess he's still a F'N jerk. I dont know what to do about it either. Jordan turns 20 next month. He calls me from his cell that comes in like crap from the boonies.

    Sometimes I regret the choices, yet I dont. I mean I miss all 4 of my kids. I miss family life. But I love Salah soooo much. Its really just him and I. My family is an hour away, mom dont drive and Arnt works constantly. His familys in Egypt. I wish our circle was bigger, or tighter.

    So, thats it.

    J cut the tie.

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2006-10-08 14:13 (link)
I get into a funk like that from time to time, about not writing.....I just cant find it in me, for what ever reason. I understand it completely.

Sorry to hear that your kids are farther away then B4, that makes it hard.....and with their father not willing to work with you at just doesnt seem right, they are after all old enough to know if they want to talk to you or not. I wish you luck with that Melody, I really do....!! There are never any easy answers (but man, do I wish there were!!).

We all have regrets about decisions we have made in our lives......but if we learn something from them, we will be a better person, at least thats the way I try to look at it.

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2006-10-09 08:08 (link)
I guess all decisions involve some kind of loss or sacrifice and the inevitable wondering about the 'road not taken' - but the trick is to focus on what you have gained and do everything you can to minimise any downsides - and I think you already do that pretty well! Hope you're OK anyway. Not really feeling like updating either, feeling a bit introspective...

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2006-10-10 17:49 (link)
Cut the tie?

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Re: ??
2006-10-11 09:33 (link)
between you and me.

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Re: ??
2006-10-13 23:43 (link)
What tie? We keep up here and thats about it.

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Re: ??
2006-10-24 17:37 (link)
Ah no we dont. So why bother?

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Re: ??
2006-11-01 04:38 (link)
Im just busy. And quiet with my life. There's a lot going on that Im not ready to talk about and so Im very quiet. In a nut shell, I'm frighteningly private these days and Elethia and I split up for good a few months ago. I couldnt take any more. So to make a long story short Im just regrowing a new skin quietly and relearning myself.

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