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.:♥:.:Shared♥Solitude:.:♥~♥:. (shared_solitude) wrote,
@ 2006-08-03 09:37:00
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    DoH' is not a deer.
    I'd like to thank everyone for their offers to be a shoulder. Janet probably said it best when she said I would probably just go off and work things out alone (or something like this).

    For us bottle stuffers, you understand. For others, its just difficult to open yourself up to exposure that could come back and bite you in the ass, as it has many times.

    Jay, your way too busy to be bothered, but thanks. Plus, its not a good idea to expose my emotions to you because well, they wouldnt understand. I was weak, but I am strong now.

    So I have been hanging out, per say, at the CC site. Not only does it help me keep accountability for my health and nutriton, it also provides a bit of day time drama, but mostly daily interactions with a bunch of cool people. One problem with working at home is lack of social interaction and this fills that void.

    Speaking of working at home, just signed a contract that will double our total revenu intake of last year. whooo hooooo. Hired a couple of guys that are working out awsome. They have 25-30 years experience and are settled into life, fortunately unlike the younger generation who is running wild and free and only come to work to support a habit that is otherwise ruining their lives. On top of it they are GREEN. While I know green is in, its not that shade of environmentally safe green.

    Lisa... hope to see you back soon. You sure add life to this otherwise withering blog of mine.

    Janet I suppose your out and about a lot these days. I wish you the best with work find and I absolutely hope that your guy is successful in his new adventure.

    Holly- Know where your movin to yet? You must be spending all your free time in the barn.

    Michelle- You dont need us no more? I wish to see more of you.

    LMB- Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Milly- Where are you?

    Jay - Congrats.

    Sophia - Theres been a creative change in you.

    Karri- It seems like your on track. Congrats.

    OH OH OH My new baby kitty chased away the blues of my last loss. Its so fun to have a baby kitty in the house. Angel is starting to tolerate Tut but Shadow will have nothing to do with him.

    OK, well not sure anyone comes here to read this, but if you do know that you are in my thoughts and I miss running here to read your journals. Days go by without a word from anyone. perhaps its the sumer where we tend to be on the go and less time to sit around playing on the computer. Perhaps.

    Hugs to all!

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2006-08-03 17:01 (link)
I would tend to think that part of it IS that the weather tends to make us more active in one way or another and that when we are cooped up in here because of the cold, things will pick up.

I'm glad you're doing better Melody.

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2006-08-03 19:23 (link)
Hey there! I'm so sorry for being so absent - I do often pass through here but rarely linger long enough to write any entries these days. But I always read you can be sure of that!!! I just moved house and so things have been really hectic... *sigh* Anyway things are looking up and feeling more settled so I will write soon! Glad to hear you sounding cheerier now... yay baby kitty! Awwww. Keep smiling! xxx

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Im never too busy
2006-08-04 05:29 (link)
I might be busy in my life and have a bajillion things to do, that much is true but I never stopped having time to care about people. Just because we're not close like we use to be doesnt mean I understand you any less. I can still be your friend without being what we were. Especially when it comes to Kate-Lynn's mom *Laughs* And Jordan. You know how I am when it comes to kids. If you need an ear in the furture dont see it as weak, it isn't weakness. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who gets it. I get it. You know that. Like I said don't hesitate to email me if you've got issues you need to discuss. I can be objective. I usually am unless Im too close to the situation and it directly involves me. Thats not the case with us. You're a ..weell you're just you to me. These days it's like that period of my life was a bad bad dream that Elethia woke me up from. So Im more able to be objective because well it doesnt directly concern me therfore I've got the clarity of not being swallowed whole by my own bottled emotions. I know that probably doesnt make much sense but you get what Im saying. In any case, don't hesitate.

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2006-08-05 02:14 (link)
Hey there! Glad that you are feeling much better now. I've been caught up, rarely have time to browse, hope that all is well with you.

Take care baby.

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