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.:♥:.:Shared♥Solitude:.:♥~♥:. (shared_solitude) wrote,
@ 2006-04-03 09:27:00
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    One woman went to a famous plastic surgeon to have something done about her wrinkles. The doctor explained all the different kinds of face lifts he could do, then said "but all this wouldn't be needed if you allow me to implant a new device. It's called the Knob." The woman wanted to know what this involved, and the doctor explained that a small knob would be implanted in the back of her head, attached to all the major muscle groups and the skin of the face. The doctor would then tighten the Knob and the wrinkles would disappear as the skin & muscles tightened. The best part of the Knob was that she would not need future face lifts. When she noticed sagging she could tighten the knob herself!...... So off she went with a new, smooth face..... The years passed, and every few years she would adjust the knob and all signs of aging would be gone.... Then one day she noticed very large bags under her eyes! She rushed back to the surgeon and said "Doctor, this is awful! No amount of turning the knob gets rid of these awful bags under my eyes." The doctor made a careful examination and shook his head. He said "I'm afraid those are not bags under your eyes - they are your breasts!" The woman looked shocked, then her face brightened "Oh!" she said, "Then that would explain the goatee."

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2006-04-03 23:29 (link)
hahahahaa!!!!! good one!

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2006-04-04 00:06 (link)
OMG..!! Too funny, thanks for sharing....!!!!!!

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2006-04-06 13:57 (link)
I love it! At least they weren't hangin' below her skirt.

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