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Never find nobody like me (shanweavx) wrote,
@ 2005-01-19 15:17:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    you push me away everytime i try..
    Fuck shit. I had the worst day today. Drama this morning, came into school at 8:30 with my hawiaan punch and taylor ham and cheese. my sandwhich sucked and i drank my bev warm. yonks has my notebook she wasn't in shool. I missed NOT today. Shawns comin back to school thats going to be wonderful fuckin attack of the freshman on my boyfriend again. Real cool. Well guess what im not fucking around anymore this is ridiculous. Black Bear best shut her mouth im gonna fuckin deck her. OH WHATS HOOD? cause that's so bad. like who the fuck iS she? my mom? no. Arite so i have $44 and i need SO much more. I need a fucking job-won. JOB JOB JOB JOB JOB JOB> please :(
    Fuck ahh i need the baby phat phone. wanna lend me like 800 bucks for it? arite bet ahh fuck it i am so lost. i need to go to some meetings. guess i gotta wait till thursday for one mang. beat nuggets. arite shit so amuse me? wheres my mom with that pizza and those hotwings is she carazzy makin me wait? i'm ver impatient yanno and i am so lonely where is shawn? board of education how gay.. then work maybe what is that. People with jobs sucks. Just cause i need one. Fuck ah im out fuckin.. beat nuggets

    I love you SO fucking much

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2005-01-19 16:23 (link)
your blurty is so cute =)
you dont no me ! im jus browsin blurties (im tht bored lol)
love holl xXx

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2005-01-19 18:49 (link)
ive added you =)

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