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ClOsE 2 iNsAnItY (shannon1031) wrote,
@ 2004-04-10 15:47:00
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    Current mood: bored

    Yes, it is official. Dave's parents are moving in 21 days and he will be moving in with me. His mother is going to call NMHS to figure out if Dave can/will be transfering to my skool. There is only about 2 months left of this skool year but I will still be very pleased having Dave attend skool with me.

    I called my father this morning and he told me that my mother wasnt very happy about the move happening so suddenly, but screw her! I don't care what she thinks. My father was just like "Dave is going to have to do his fair share around the house" which we both knew.

    I am extremely excited about this. His parents are looking at cars right now for him while he's at work. And yes, I'm here at his house again, alone, with his sister, Mallory. I wish I had a car though so I could go out and do something lol instead of sitting around here all day. But there isn't much I can do about that so why rant and rave about it?!


    Dave gets outta work at 8:30, then he will be getting home. When Chris gets outta work (9-9:30) he will come get Dave and I most likely with Sydney. Then we are going to T/A, it's a cool truck shop or something like that. We will have fun, because we do when we are all together. Other people to possibly tag along: Dan, Derek, Derek's g/f, and Joe. Yeah! lol...

    Last night we had fun. We went to the Walmart Supercenter like I said we were going to. It was fucking huge man! It had a McDonald's inside of it. And there were like 37 fucking registers. I haven't seen so many black people before. With all of us white kids lol, we were definately the minority there. It was crazy!

    blahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm fucking bored lol. I'm outta here. I'll update later! Cya fuckers!


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2004-04-13 17:23 (link)
lol oh gossh shannons very happy lol. haha i love you wifey! sex muffin. -<3333333333 ashley

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