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Shane (shane_mcmahon) wrote,
@ 2003-01-13 16:11:00
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    Current mood:rushed
    Current music:my cell ringing

    *feels guilty* it just me or has it exploded here? I can't believe how many people have joined since I was last around. Still it's good, never a quiet moment and all that. I'm sorry I haven't been here, I feel so bad...and this entry is going to be a way for me to communicate with a couple of people specifically, which isn't very professional, but...

    Amy: I can understand if you're pissed off at me, but I meant what I said. I would love for us to spend some time together, seem to be the only one who understands how I'm feeling right now where Marissa is concerned. me?! I'm glad you're taking bumps, and feel so proud of you. You're one tough lady, and I can't wait for you to be back with us full time.

    Tommy: Man, we need to do that thing we were talking about. Poles, and dancing!! Hell I'm the boss...we can go whenever we like and stay out all night, after all, I need to perfect my moves...

    Steph: Call me, we'll do lunch, or dinner, or anything...we need to let loose and spend some time together.

    Adam and Jay:: you guys are the fucking cutest!!

    (other) Shane: I have a habit of confusing everyone. I just meant, I find you very interesting. Is that a crime? I'm a nosey guy...

    My new celeb friends: I'm willing to sort you ALL out with wrestling lessons, honestly, I cleared it with my pops and we thought it would be good for the company...*laughs*

    Anyway, we have a big week ahead of us at work. I'm already running late, which is NOT good...I have to be at Raw tonight, the anniversary special tomorrow, and then Wednesday is a certain someone's birthday *cough cough*. Ah, and the Rumble is Sunday. Phew. I think I need to start and get on with something productive before my Dad fires my ass.

    I'll try to be around more, if you want me, that is?!!

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2003-01-13 16:25 (link)
Don't worry about it, I'm pretty easily confused and also have a bad habit of trying to find the meanings of what people mean.
Thank you for saying you think I'm interesting...I think. I'm not sure how I am, but hey. *smiles*

Happy early Birthday by the way! We all should just go out.

-Shane Helms

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Re: *chuckles*
2003-01-14 05:19 (link)
Well, I think you're pretty least, reading your journal is...

and I'd love you'll be coming out on Wednesday then?!

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2003-01-13 17:14 (link)
I'm still in awe that I know a McMahon. *bows* Ok...I'm done being a dork...BACK TO WORK YOU!


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2003-01-14 05:23 (link)
I did get back to work...didn't you see Raw?! *smiles* And it is my pleasure to know you, believe me.

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2003-01-14 10:00 (link)
Yeah, I caught it...I also notice your Father has joined OSN...*whispers* I'm a little intimidated...

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2003-01-14 10:50 (link)
You can hide behind me, my dear. *smiles*

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thank you!
2003-01-14 10:58 (link)
THANK YOU *tip toes behind you and ducks down*

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Re: thank you!
2003-01-14 13:16 (link)

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2003-01-19 02:18 (link)
*hides* Sorry I've been so anti-social lately Shane. We really need to do lunch one of these days. Give me a call. I think we have lots to talk about.

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2003-01-19 07:04 (link)
exactly...are you free this week?!

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